Program Term: B Term
Director: Fabio Carrera
Housing: Shared apartments
Center Hightlights: Community Development, International, Urban
Program Eligibility: Sophomore at the time of application.
Major Eligibility: All Majors
Program Preparation: 1/6 PQP in the term preceding departure, ID 2050 in the term preceding departure, Language preparation in D term and during the summer preceding departure.
Visa Requirements: Visa Not Required for US Citizens - International Students Should Confirm Personal Status.


Called the most beautiful city in the world, Venice is a city filled with outstanding historical, artistic, and architectural heritage, and is adapting to 21st century lifestyles while preserving its environmental, artistic, and cultural heritage. The rising cost of living in Venice has led to a dramatic exodus of its population, which has decreased from 200,000 to 60,000 since World War II, while tourism has expanded to 12 million visitors per year. The city has a humid, subtropical climate with cool winters and very warm summers; average temperatures in November fall between 39°F and 53°F.


Past students at the Venice project center have extensively worked on many of the main issues affecting the city and its inhabitants.

Some of the main topics: Population, Mobility, History, Art, Technology, Data Management

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