Venice Through the Canals of Time: Mapping the Physical Evolution of the City

YEAR: 2013 | TERM: B




Justin Francis Chines; Eric Eoff; Alexander Christian Reynolds; Amanda Michelle Weis


Frederick L. Hart

Venice is a city that has undergone many changes since it was first settled. Today, Venice is made up of 123 islands, but that has not always been the case. Over time, the islands of Venice have evolved; some canals have been filled in to combine islands, while other islands have been expanded or added. This project sought not only to reconstruct the evolution of the city, but also to create an easily navigable web-based source (for public use) to display the information. The reconstruction of the city involved gathering and analyzing maps, manuscripts, and archaeological records in order to rebuild the morphology of the islands. The reconstruction was then utilized in the creation of three web-based applications: the De'Barbari Explorer, the Evolution of a City, and Hidden Venice, all of which are available online.