Postmodern Postmortem: Highlighting Venetian Issues Through Art

YEAR: 2009 | TERM: B


Public Art


William E. Early; Amanda Angela Rinaldi; Lisa Marissa Rossi; Daniel J. Savastano


Daniel Gilbert Gibson


Santa Fe Project Center

The purpose of this project was to contribute to the creation and implementation of interactive, data driven, street art installations. Expanding off of the previous Postmodern Postmortem IQP we furthered developed all of the installation concepts to create a final concept for each of the twelve issues. The next step was to build and test working prototypes of each concept. Using our own previous knowledge and skills, as well as help from internet forums and guidelines, we prototyped eleven out of twelve installations and then successfully tested nine out of those eleven. We also laid a strong foundation for the alternate reality game that will be used to connect all of the installations together. By developing a full story with puzzles for each installation there is little to be done in the future in order for this game to be put into action. The final piece of this project that was developed is a website. The website is what will be used to explain our whole project after someone solves all of the puzzles and completes the game. This website explains everything from why we are doing the project to how each installation was developed and implemented. Another website is also in the works and will be used solely as the main component of the alternate reality game.