Giving MOSE a Voice - Informing the population about the operation of the MOSE floodgates

YEAR: 2022 | TERM:



Matt Boisvert, Drew Silvernail, Dov Ushman, Evans Owusu


SerenDPT, Commissario Straordinario Mose

With rising tides, a sinking city, and extreme weather conditions, Venice is experiencing more flooding than ever. Luckily, the city now has MOSE. MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, Experimental Electromechanical Module) is a series of modular gates at the three inlets to the Venetian lagoon that rise from the seafloor to prevent more water from flowing into the lagoon during high tides. In this project, a series of interviews were completed to find what information residents and business owners currently have access to regarding tide data, flooding, MOSE operations, and how the gates may affect flooding in their area. The data we obtained was then used to design a potential MOSE phone app which was then returned to interviewees for further feedback. Our final app includes MOSE gate status and updates, tide and weather forecasting, as well as travel information during a flood event. The final model was handed to our sponsor, Commisario Venezia Nuova, so they can fully implement the final MOSE application to our specifications.