Exploring the Causes of Depopulation in Venice

YEAR: 2021 | TERM:


Alex Bolduc, Bridget Redgate, Irune Sesma, Thomas Walsh


SerenDPT, Smartdest

Through this project we produced a data repository that organizes a wide variety of data about the drivers of depopulation. This data has been collected over time and the repository will preserve it in a centralized location for future projects, researchers, and Venetian residents to utilize. This repository also contains many visualizations created by the team to display the data in a more meaningful and easy to understand way. We designed our website with the user in mind, creating the story of Venetian population trends through graphs, charts, maps, and animated visualizations. Along with our repository we made recommendations for future students on how to update and improve the repository. These recommendations include new data sources that would be useful, advice on different visualizations that could be created from current and new data, and ideas to improve and sustain the permanence of the repository. We left instructions on how to edit and update the specific visualizations we created alongside our recommendations.