Development of a Computerized Decision Support System for the Scheduled Maintenance of the Inner Canals of Venice

YEAR: 1997 | TERM: E




Carlo M. Cioffi; Vicky L. Dulac O'Sullivan; José F. Marsano; Robert R. Reguero


John F. Zeugner


UNESCO (UVO-ROSTE),Comune di Venezia

This project provided the Comune di Venezia with a preliminary decision support system (DSS) for planning canal maintenance. The project first regularized previously collected data and established fields and processes for further collections of canal characteristics (dimensions, traffic flows, hydrodynamics, hygiene) as well as docks, bridges, and parking spaces. Then the project created a menu driven DSS providing access to all data for decision makers. The project concluded with recommendations to the technical team that will implement the actual DSS.