Auto-Accretion Powered By Microbial Fuel Cells in the Venetian Lagoon (MQP)

YEAR: 2007 | TERM: B




Jessica Lynn Balesano; Jodi Michelle Lowell


David DiBiasio

Venice, Italy is a city known for its beautiful architecture, culture, and unique lifestyle. What adds to the romance of the city and sets it apart from all of the others are the canals flowing between the different historical buildings. These canals are the natural dividers for the 110 mud flat islands that make up Venice and are the cornerstone for Venetian life. Not only are the canals the main mode of transportation, but they are also the foundation for all of the buildings along the canals. The walls lining the canals are subjected to stresses inflicted due to their location and contact with the canal waters. These walls are deteriorating, leaving weak building structures and an aesthetically unpleasing appearance.