A Self-Sustainable Venice: Creating a Circular Economy with Urban Farming

YEAR: 2019 | TERM:



Cyran Benjamin, Premo Julia, Soens Natalie, Ward Benjamin


SerenDPT (ITALIS grant)

This project investigated the financial and social viability of the implementation of two innovative agricultural startups in Venice. We analyzed the FarmBot system in terms of sustainability, user friendliness, and cost to determine the benefits of robotic farming and explore the potential use of the FarmBot system for urban agriculture. We also determined the product market fit and economic viability of microgreen-centric agriculture, and the feasibility of large-scale organic waste collection for circular-economy use. We concluded that both microgreen-centric agriculture and large-scale organic waste collection are viable. We proposed a method to determine optimal planting methods in the FarmBot, and do not recommend the use of the FarmBot for microgreen agriculture without future modifications.