Made in Venice Our project focused on identifying business sectors in the non-tourist industry of Venice, Italy that have the potential to flourish. Today in Venice, service companies outnumber production companies Public,Population,Communications folder_open Social,Food local_offer
Re-Engineered Cargo Delivery System Traffic is a problem with any highly populated city. However, a different problem with traffic in Venice is the waves boats create (Moto Ondoso) damage the canal structure over time. The Venice Projec folder_open local_offer
The Moto Ondoso reduction plan Moto Ondoso is the wake boats create what they traverse through water. In Venice, Moto Ondoso is problematic because the constant waves crashing into the sides of the canals can deteriorate the struct folder_open local_offer
Boat Traffic Data Collection Dating back to 1991, the Venice Project Center has been collecting data on boat traffic and analyzing its effects on canal walls. Actually, the VPC was the first organization to count boats and collec folder_open local_offer
Public Art Data Collection and Analysis The Venice Project Center started collected data on Venetian public art all the way back in 1990. As the first organization to collect data on these pieces, they paved the way for the methodology and folder_open local_offer
Housing and renting Our team explored the critical issues related to the Venetian housing market including availability of housing assistance and the properties owned and managed in Venice by various agencies. We also s Population,Public,Tourism folder_open Social,Data local_offer
The Boundaries of Venice The goal of The Boundaries of Venice is to investigate different historical political borders of Venice in order to provide information to Venetian legislators and citizens seeking to define a potenti Geography,History folder_open Maps,Lagoon local_offer
Unearthing Patterns in Venetian History Archaeologists in Venice desired digital research tools to improve their efficiency in data collection, visualization, and correlation. To aid in archaeological research, this project used database de Archaeology,History,Infrastructure folder_open Lagoon,Evolution,Damage local_offer
Preserving Venetian Bell Towers Through Virtual Experiences Mission Statement: -The goal of our project is to contribute to the preservation of Venice’s bells and bell towers for the future by raising awareness of their current state. Objectives: -To creat Infrastructure,History,Technology folder_open Bells,Bell Towers,Wellheads local_offer
Venice Big Data Our team will be building a new and improved City Knowledge Dashboard, as well as creating a new website that will display data visualizations of Venice-related big data. To populate the dashboard, we Technology,Population,Wiki folder_open Data,Monitoring,Info local_offer
Local Food and Neighborhood Stores Mission statement: -To test the feasibility of a reproducible plan of a distributed marketplace, comprised of revitalized Venetian neighborhood stores, which operates as a single supermarket. Pro Public,Population folder_open Food,Evolution local_offer
Canal research The Venice Project Center (VPC) started their research on canals back in 1991 and was the first organization to produce organized, sophisticated data on canals. The projects determined the scientific folder_open Canals,Canal walls,VPC local_offer