The Moto Ondoso reduction plan

Moto Ondoso is the wake boats create what they traverse through water. In Venice, Moto Ondoso is problematic because the constant waves crashing into the sides of the canals can deteriorate the structure of the walls overtime. In 2002, the Venice Project Center started their research into Moto Ondoso. They collected data on which boats created bigger wakes and the average speeds that those boats traveled at. They found that most boats go much faster than the speed limits posted and, as a result, Moto Ondoso is significantly increased. If the proposed cargo delivery system from 2001 was implemented they found that Moto Ondoso would also reduce 68%. Likewise, later teams found that if the Taxi System implemented in 2006 was utilized, there would be a 14% reduction. A team in 2015 created a 5 year plan for both of these systems to be implemented along with additional rules about the types of hulls boats can have and stricter enforcement of speeding in the canals.

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