Venice Tide latency This web application allows you to see the level of the water in different segments of the canals in relation to the water level at Punta Salute at the same times. The water levels displayed were data Applications folder_open Maps,Water quality local_offer
Veniceconnected Wifi Hotspots With this website you can check all the hotspots of the VeniceConnected network present in Venice Public,Technology folder_open Social,Accessibility,Evolution local_offer
Dashboard The dashboard is composed of individual modules, or widgets, that each display different pieces of real time information about Venice. Each widget collects publically-available information from exist Analyzing,Tourism,Applications folder_open Social,Data local_offer
de'Barbari The de'barbari is a website that allows the identification of many typical elements of Venice through old maps comparable to those of today. Cartography,Geography,History folder_open Maps,Timeline local_offer
Venice Missing Treasures Through its history, the landscape of Venice has changed significantly. Many artifacts have been looted, moved, or destroyed. Pieces of art that were once concentrated in Venice are now scattered arou History,Art,Applications folder_open Churches,Social local_offer
The Venetian Wellhead Timeline The Venetian WellHead Timeline is a website that allows you to observe the domes built over the years, from the year 0 to 1800. Infrastructure,History,Applications folder_open Timeline,Maps,Evolution local_offer
Hidden Venice With Hidden Venice you can rediscover all the demolished churches in Venice. Infrastructure,History,Applications folder_open Maps,Churches,Bell Towers local_offer
Venice Bells Map This application displays the location of all of the bell towers in Venice. The map also displays which bell towers we have recordings of its bells ringing (yellow), bell towers we have panoramic view Infrastructure,Applications,Geography folder_open Bells,Maps,Bell Towers local_offer
Evolution of a City In this website we can observe the evolution of the city of Venice through 2 time lines: GIS evolution(Geographic information system) e Full evolution. Population,Tourism,Geography folder_open Timeline,Maps,Evolution local_offer
History of Venice History of Venice is a project of a group of American students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. It is a project of the Venice Project Center The co History,Geography,Applications folder_open Timeline,Data local_offer
Shopp Mapp App This application was built by the 2015 Venice Project Center(VPC) Shops and Stalls team to visualize the changing face of the Venetian retail sector. To do this, the Shopp Mapp App can display two typ Geography,Applications folder_open Maps,Social,Food local_offer
Isolario Interattivo The Isolario Interattivo is an interactive map that can be used to display complex information on the islands of the city of Venice and its outer lagoon. This map contains several important interactiv Infrastructure,Applications,Geography folder_open Maps,Canals,Bridges local_offer
Venice Bridges This application displays the location of all of the bridges in Venice, as well as their outline and information on a selected bridge. The map also displays which bridges are passable (green) or impas Infrastructure,Applications,Geography folder_open Bridges,Canals,Churches local_offer
Venice Canals Map This application displays the canals (blue), canal segments (green) and bridges (red) of the City of Venice. The maps display the location and size, as well as information, on each canal, segment and Water,Infrastructure,Geography folder_open Canals,Maps local_offer
Venice Hydrodynamics This application displays the direction (arrows) and velocity (colors) of the currents in all the canal segments in the City of Venice. The maps display the hydrodynamic behavior of each segment in ho Water,Infrastructure,Geography folder_open Damage,Canals,Water quality local_offer
Venice Tide Level This web application allows you to see the level of the water in different segments of the canals at the same time. The water levels displayed were forecasts for the particular time segment displayed. Water,Geography,Applications folder_open Maps,Water quality,Lagoon local_offer
Venice Canals Manteinance This application displays when maintenance (Green and Yellow) has been done on the canals of the City of Venice. The maps display the location, as well as details of the maintenance, as the slider is Infrastructure,Geography,Applications folder_open Canals,Urban Maintenance,Maps local_offer
Moto Ondoso This application displays information about the level of moto ondoso and in traffic in the Venetian canals for recent conditions as well as for periods since 2001. Colors closer to green indicate lowe Tourism,Water,Infrastructure folder_open Water quality,Maps,Lagoon local_offer
Preservenice Art folder_open local_offer
Sito di iZioleti folder_open local_offer