Computerized Catalog of Outdoor Art in Venice with Automatic Estimation of Restoration Costs This paper describes the methodologies employed in the creation of a computerized catalog of public art in the city of Venice, Italy. Over 1,200 pieces of outdoor art have been catalogued in relationa folder_open local_offer
I Rii e la Qualità della Vita a Venezia Non si può mettere in dubbio l'importanza dei canali interni(rii) per Venezia. Essi caratterizzano l'unicità della città non solo quali elementi decorativi, ma anche e soprattutto perché costituiscono Water,Infrastructure,Population folder_open Canals,VPC local_offer
La Nebbia a Venezia nel Quarantennio 1951-90 This study investigated the phenomenon of fog in the Venetian Lagoon in the period 1951-1990, based on local observations conducted by two meteorological stations of the Italian Air Force. folder_open local_offer
What Cultural Heritage do we preserve and why? Recent advances in geo-spatial technologies, together with a steady decline in their cost, have inspired many spontaneous bottom-up municipal initiatives aimed at improving the flow and availability o folder_open local_offer
Venezia la Città dei Rii The volume, which is the first systematic study on the rii of Venice, consists of two sections: in the first the rii, waterways and arterial system of the city of Venice, are described and analyzed fr Water,History,Geography folder_open Study,Data local_offer
Community Participation in Planning: Using GIS and Public Input to Envision Urban Change in ‘Real Time’ Community participation in planning is politically charged and often leaves citizens wondering about the relevance of their input in the decision making process. As part of a Massachusetts program des folder_open local_offer
City Knowledge: An emergent information infrastructure for sustainable urban maintenance, management and planning Recent advances in geo-spatial technologies, together with a steady decline in their cost, have inspired many spontaneous bottom-up municipal GIS initiatives aimed at improving many aspects of urban m folder_open local_offer
Growing the Tree of Knowledge: extracting informational returns from the maintenance of trees in Cambridge, Massachusetts Despite some encouraging progress, comprehensive urban information systems are still not commonplace and planners and decision makers continue to struggle to acquire the rich information that they nee folder_open local_offer
Creating Tools for Deliberative Community Planning through Interdisciplinary Research and Community Engagement In 2003 researchers and undergraduate students in the Worcester Community Project Center (WCPC) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) formed a partnership with the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, folder_open local_offer
Making History: an Emergent System for the Systematic Accrual of Transcriptions of Historic Manuscripts To date, only a small percentage of the earth's historical written records have been tapped into to contribute to our knowledge of our past. Our project aims at leveraging the work of the thousands of Technology folder_open History local_offer
City Knowledge as key to understanding the relation between waters and stones in Venice Flooding affects the physical infrastructure in Venice in a variety of ways, most of which have been recognized since the early days of the city's existence. Manuscripts in the Venice archives chronic folder_open local_offer
The Premises of City Knowledge: a middle-out approach toward sustainable municipal data management It produces plan-ready information, by exploiting the self-serving and opportunistic pursuit of instant return-on-investment by frontline offices. Thanks to its emergent qualities, City Knowledge enge Forum,Public,Population folder_open Evolution,Urban Maintenance local_offer
From Plan-Demanded Data to Plan-Ready Information: A Rationale for Comprehensive Urban Knowledge Infrastructures BASED on our professional experience in urban planning in the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, and India, we recognize that cities often lack a comprehensive “knowledge infrastructure” on whi folder_open local_offer
Street Performances: the role of visual analysis in the micro-zoning of public space in Venice, Italy Anyone who has ever been to Venice, Italy would have noticed how important public space is in this city of canals, where the front doors of homes open directly onto pedestrian streets and squares. It Analyzing,Public folder_open Data,Parking local_offer
The Future of Spatial Data Infrastructures: Capacity-building for the Emergence of Municipal SDIs Our paper suggests a realistic and sustainable pathway that will enable the emergence of comprehensive municipal information infrastructures, which in turn will support higher-level integration for sp Technology,Infrastructure folder_open Buildings local_offer
Sand on fire: an interactive tangible 3D platform for the modeling and management of wildfires This paper presents the current development of an interactive tangible 3D platform that is used to conduct wildfire training, incident command and community outreach activities by allowing one to inte Tourism folder_open Traffic local_offer
Photogrammetric Lines Documentation of Traditional Wooden Boats Photogrammetry is the science and art of extracting measurements from photographs. Recent advancement in digital photography, computers and software facilitate the creation of accurate 3D computer mod Technology,Science folder_open Boats local_offer
By the People, for the People: the Crowdsourcing of StreetBump, an Automatic Pothole Mapping App This paper traces the genesis and development of StreetBump, a smartphone application to map the location of potholes in Boston, Massachusetts. StreetBump belongs to a special category of subliminal c folder_open local_offer
Wise Cities: ‘old’ big data and ‘slow’ real time Published in Big Data and the City, Coming soon to library near you, 'Big Data and the City', Built Environment volume 42(3), guest edited by Professor Michael Batty. This cutting edge special issue r VPC,WPI folder_open Data local_offer
National Geographic: Venezia sotto assedio Non esiste forse nessun luogo al mondo dove un'incombente catastrofe possa vantare una cornice più splendida di Venezia. Sospesa tra acqua e terra, la città sorge scintillante come un miraggio dalla l folder_open local_offer
Brochure FU Il WPI è uno dei più vecchi politecnici presenti negli Stati Uniti, essendo stato fondato nel 1865, e conta attualmente circa tremila iscritti alle Facoltà di Scienze, Ingegneria ed Economia. A differ folder_open WPI,VPC,Data local_offer
National Geographic: Cultura globale Sulla scena del delitto. Fabio Carrera, comincia a scacchi, esperto di computer, raccoglie assieme agli studenti gli indizi che hanno aiutato a individuare i responsabili dell'erosione delle mura dei Magazine folder_open local_offer
National Geographic: Global culture Fishermen off sicity haul in their nets and find they've dragged aboard a 2,200-year-old Greek statue. Workers in the port city of Ancona break ground for a parking lot and discover storerooms dating Magazine folder_open local_offer
National Geographic Video folder_open local_offer
RealSimple Travel Will your next trip to Venezia involve a life vest? To shed light on some of the most common travel misconceptions, Real Simple enlisted a panel of international authorities,including a geography proc Magazine folder_open local_offer
BBC Audio folder_open local_offer
Presentazone di Venezia e il turismo 1999-2008 Tourism,Population folder_open Evolution,Presentation local_offer
National Geographic: Vanishing Venezia Nowhere in Italy, where calamity comes embellished with rococo gestures and embroidered in exclamation points, is there a crisis more beautifully framed than Venice. Niether land nor water, but shimme Magazine folder_open local_offer
MIT Technology When it comes to preserving cultural heritage, few cities face a more daunting task than Venice. With limited conservation funds inevitably devoted to landmasks like St. Mark's Cathedral or the Bridge Magazine folder_open local_offer
WPI journal Fall 1989 For Fabio Carrera '84, it was an opportunity to do something for his hometown. A native of Venice, Italy, and now a graduate student in electrical engineering at WPI, Carrera decided that Venice would Magazine folder_open local_offer
Archeo Venezia: Campane e campanili Sul territorio veneziano si trovano tutt'ora oltre 100 chiese ed atrettanti campanili di varie epoche e stili. Secondo un calcolo approssimativ si stima quindi che esistano almeno 400 campane sparse p Magazine folder_open local_offer
Science: Voyage 1 With a few expert motions of his oar, Fabio Carrera sends the long batèla boat gliding around a corner in this maze of canals. Suddenly, a dim patch of stars is the only light and the gentle swish of Magazine folder_open local_offer
Quaderni Trimestrali del Consorzio Nel corso degli ultimi anni il problema della regolamentazione del traffico acqueo per la riduzione dei suoi effetti sulle strutture urbane dei centri storici e sul tessuto morfologico della laguna è Tourism,Mobility,Science folder_open Traffic,Boats local_offer
Rendiconto Economico e Finanziario 2020 Financial Disclosures 2020 Economy,Applications folder_open VPC local_offer