Photogrammetric Lines Documentation of Traditional Wooden Boats

Photogrammetry is the science and art of extracting measurements from photographs. Recent advancement in digital photography, computers and software facilitate the creation of accurate 3D computer models from 2D photographs. With only one known measurement included in the photographs, all other measurements can be obtained, even if the object no longer exists. With additional processing, these models can be turned into measured drawings. The utility of this technique is the ability to produce accurate models of cultural materials and natural forms after a relatively short photographic session. The need to quickly record complicated 3D information of the form and structure of an at- risk collection of historic materials was the catalyst for this research. Data capture and storage of rapidly disappearing cultural material may be a greater imperative then the time consuming process of taking every project to finished drawings. Archived photographs intended for analysis using photogrammetry can be used to produce 3D models in the future, if the digital data is properly stored, maintained and migrated. The technology and 2 procedure described here can be applied in a variety of situations and scales; however, the scope of this paper is limited to the documentation of historic boats. The goal of this research is: 1) to facilitate preservation through documentation; 2) to accurately and rapidly record hull shapes and constructions details of boats using digital photographs; and 3) to learn how to process these images using photogrammetry to create lines drawings, which will serve, in some cases, as the exclusive means of preserving cultural heritage represented by a particular vessel.