Venice - Culture 2030 Indicators, UNESCO's culture indicators and how they apply to Venice

YEAR: 2020 | TERM:



Braeden Desmonts, Hana Tabit, Stephanie Bishop, Joshua Reeder


Unesco; Rotary Club of Venice

The goal of our project was to conduct a preliminary assessment of the methodology of the UNESCO 2030 Culture Indicators for the entire municipality of Venice. To meet this goal, we collaborated with UNESCO and the Venice Rotary Club to assess Venice’s baseline alignment with key culture and sustainability indicators. With a specific focus on preserving the cultural heritage of their community, the Rotary Club of Venice will take advantage of this unique opportunity to better understand the role of culture in sustainable development for the city. Through the repetition of this process across a broader timeline, the indicators will reveal trends for the cultural sector. To visualize this data, and to provide a foundation for future applications of the same indicators, we have built an interactive website amplifying the indicators’ practicality in the city of Venice along with this booklet and its addendum.