Venice 3.0pen: Venice 30th Anniversary Open Data Project

YEAR: 2017 | TERM: B


Data Management


Schueler, Matthew J.; Spencer, Myles E.; Willoughby, Colin J.; Ying, Jessie X.


Peter Hansen

The Venetian Open Data project’s mission is to help the Venice Project Center (VPC) make their data more accessible to Venice by addressing the problem of effective data management and creating better visualizations. The culmination of our work will result in a database of organized and standardized data, a new VPC 3.0 site with interactive visuals and downloadable data sets, and populated Venipedia pages about selected topics. These deliverables will provide greater access to the VPC data for anyone who is interested in learning about historic Venice, improve the functionality of past project deliverables, and facilitate future projects to benefit Venice and its citizens.