Unearthing Patterns in Venetian History:Developing an Online Tool for Discovering Patterns in Subterranean Archaeological Sites

YEAR: 2016 | TERM: B


Data Management


William Godsey; Natalia Kononenko; Xiaozhu Liu; Lucy Stuehrmann


Aaron Deskins


Soprintendenza dei Beni culturali,Studio Zandinella

Archaeologists in Venice would benefit from digital tools to improve their efficiency in data collection, visualization, and correlation. To aid in archaeological research, we developed a three-part prototype system, consisting of a web app, online database, and a map-based website, for the archaeological firm Studio Zandinella. The first aspect of the project was an online database that allows archaeologists to store and visualize archaeological data. The second part of the system was a data collecting system that records information on the database. The third part of the system was a map-based website that visualizes the contents of the database. These tools will allow Venetian archaeologists to better conduct research and find patterns of data across archaeological sites in Venice.