Traversing the Labyrinth: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pedestrian Traffic in Venice

YEAR: 2011 | TERM: B




Chelsea Anne Fogarty; Geordie Charles Folinas; Steven Charles Greco; Cassandra Lynn Stacy


Frederick W. Bianchi


Assessorato alla Mobilità

The purpose of this project was to contribute to the development of a pedestrian model to assist the City of Venice in the management of the ever-increasing influx of tourists. To validate the model, the team quantified pedestrian traffic at bridges, gondola crossings, and waterbus stops, and also compiled data regarding demographics, public transport usage, and tourist attractions within the district of San Marco. In collaboration with the Santa Fe Complex, the team confirmed the feasibility of the model by producing a prototype that effectively simulates pedestrian mobility in the study area. To extend the model to the entire city and guarantee its long-term sustainability, the team determined that the existing networks of surveillance cameras could be leveraged to automatically feed the model in future years.