The Past and Future of Tourism in Venice, The Impacts of Tourism on the Economy, Environment and Culture in Venice

YEAR: 2020 | TERM:



Madison Di Vico, Martin McCormack, Lucas Micheels, Lauren Revene, Joseph Sorrenti


SerenDPT, Smartdest

The goal of this project was to analyze the effects tourism had on the economy, environment and culture in Venice and consider the future of tourism post-COVID-19 in order to contribute to the SmartDest project in creating new policies for sustainable tourism. In order to accomplish this goal we constructed timelines of Local, International, Political, and COVID-19 events that have had an impact on tourism. Furthermore, we contributed to the planning of the City Labs Events that will be used to discuss the future of sustainable tourism. Our contribution to these events included: The organization of an invitation list of 142 stakeholders involved in the tourism industry in Venice, the design of an invitation and newsletter advertising some of the key things that SmartDest has been working on. The data from the timelines and the City Labs Events will provide data for the final contribution our team has made to the SmartDest Project, updating the Venice Dashboard to a more visually appealing and up to date website with widgets that display and store all data relating to tourism in Venice.