Streamlining Canal Hydrodynamic Measurements in Venice: Updating Measurements and Developing Plans for Extensive Data Collection

YEAR: 2012 | TERM: B




Emanuel DeMaio; Emily Kathryn Jones; Louie-John Vincenzo Mistretta; Olive Ruth Rappoli


John F. Zeugner


Istituzione Centro Previsioni e Segnalazioni Maree

This project investigated new methods for taking extensive hydrodynamic measurements in the inner canals of Venice. The team developed and tested new devices for measuring water level and current velocity, and assessed their feasibility for future implementation. To address speculations of water flow changes within the canals ̶ prompted by relative sea level rise and recent lagoon construction ̶ this project continued past WPI studies of the canals’ hydrodynamic behavior to determine if changes have occurred since the 1990s. Water level and current velocity data were collected and compared to hydrodynamic models of the canals and data collected by past studies. The team also updated page templates and uploaded hydrodynamic data to Venipedia, a Wiki-based site focused on the city of Venice