Reutilization of the Cardazzo Complex in Cannaregio, Venice

YEAR: 1996 | TERM: E




Noel J. Bolduc; Camilla M. Canepa; David G. Goncalves; Ricardo Perea


James S. Demetry


Instituto Veneto per il Lavoro (IVL)

This project, completed at the Venice Project Center, and sponsored by the Istituto Veneto per il Lavoro (IVL), explores alternatives for the reutilization of the Cardazzo Complex, a group of buildings owned by the IVL and presently not in use, as a center for the training of craftsmen. Working from background research on artisan skills and their role in preservation and restoration of art and architectural treasures, interviews, and the goals of the IVL, several reutilization scenarios are developed. Recommendations are made which fit constraints imposed by market realities, political considerations, and the physical limits of the facilities.