Publishing 30 Years of Data on Venice, Creating Infographics Describing the City’s Features

YEAR: 2017 | TERM: B


Data Management


Bishop, Griffin R.; Ciccarelli, Drew P.; Dettloff, Kristen E.; Elzey, Christian S.


Peter Hansen

Over the past thirty years, the Venice Project Center has collected data on numerous topics relating to the infrastructure, history and culture of the city. Our team’s mission was to organize and disseminate this research in a way that is informative and easy to reuse. The culmination of our work resulted in a database of organized and standardized data; a Sandbox Application for creating visualizations of the data; infographics to be included in reference booklets; and a companion website that hosts our interactive visuals. These deliverables provide greater access to the VPC data for anyone who is interested in learning about historic Venice and helps to facilitate future projects to benefit Venice and its citizens.