Promoting Sustainable Stewardship of Green Spaces in Venice: Creating an interactive catalog to match people with land

YEAR: 2021 | TERM:



Hope Hutchinson, Alana Miska, Margot Schassler, Michael Rideout



This study cataloged 182 green spaces in the historic city of Venice, Italy. Data collected at each space includes location, accessibility, vegetation, amenities, land condition and photos. These spaces are categorized as parks, gardens, urban wilds, farmlands and courtyards. This in- depth data is aimed to help parties that want to use green spaces (residents, tourists, environmentalists, etc.) as well as stewardship organizations interested in their maintenance and possible reutilization. The resulting catalog is available to the public in the form of an interactive map, website, and booklet, all aimed to promote sustainable stewardship in the city.