Preserving Venice’s Bells and Their Towers

YEAR: 2015 | TERM: B


Bell Towers


Christopher Bove; Kristin Gallagher; Meghan Hickey; James Honicker


Lorraine Higgins


Curia Patriarcale

In Venice, where Catholic Church attendance has declined, bells and bell towers have lost their purpose. Their neglect has left them vulnerable to decay and structural stresses. This project involved complex onsite surveys of 20 bell towers and their 69 bells. Analysis of condition, accessibility, and safety for the public was documented for each tower. Two thirds of the towers are in poor to fair condition, but some percentage can be made safe with proper repairs. Photos, dimensions, 3D models, audio, and other bell tower data were documented in an online application. Recommendations and concept designs for merchandise were also researched in order to establish an outline for preservation. We are hopeful that our work has been beneficial in helping preserve the historic bells and bell towers of Venice and reconnecting them to the public.