Optimization of Cargo Boat Deliveries through the Inner Canals of Venice

YEAR: 1997 | TERM: E




Karolyn B. Amlaw Laher; Carie Lin Kervin Kervin; Ignacio Mondine; Charu P. Vepari


John F. Zeugner


Associazione Artigiani di Venezia,UNESCO (UVO-ROSTE),University of Venice

This study culminated in a proposal for the optimization of the cargo boat traffic in the City of Venice. There is currently a traffic congestion problem in the canals of Venice. The two major contributors to this problem are the taxi boats and cargo boats. Since cargo boats can be easily controlled by the city through regulations of traffic routes and delivery times as well as through licensing requirements, this study focused on restructuring the cargo boat delivery system as an effort to decrease the traffic congestion and subsequent environmental damage within the canals of Venice.