Monitoring Pollution on Murano: An Analysis of the Artistic Glass Industry of Murano, Italy

YEAR: 2000 | TERM: E




Joshua Cranston Black; Brian Joseph Cavanna; Nicholas Jason Cottreau


Peter R. Christopher


Erminio Chiozzotto,Città di Venezia,Settore Sicurezza del Territorio del Comune di Venezia

This project, sponsored by the Comune di Venezia, analyzes the problem of pollution associated with the artistic glass industry on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. We obtained information to create a computer-based pollution monitoring system, which allows users to visualize and track the pollution on Murano. This system will be used by the Comune di Venezia to help glass manufacturers come into compliance with Italian environmental regulations on air, noise, and liquid pollutants by December 31, 2002.