Impacts of Climate Change in Venice: Using Simulations to Model Mitigation Strategies

YEAR: 2021 | TERM:



Keira Coulard-Smith, Everett Wonson, Kathryn Woodland, William Stottlemyer


SerenDPT, Simtable

Venice has long been affected by extreme climate events. These events have been well-documented by organizations such as the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and SerenDPT. Our team’s mission was to explore the use of an interactive interface (Simtable) which could be used to replicate extreme events occurring in Venice and the Veneto region. The resulting deliverables of this project include a booklet detailing the uses, benefits, and applications of our interface, a repository for our simulations in the form of a website, this report to act as an addendum to our booklet, and a roll-up banner to be displayed next to the Simtable at he H3 Factory.