H3 Planning

YEAR: 2018 | TERM: B




Colin Hiscox; Ryan Lee; Peter Maida; Alexander McMahon


Bill Michalson



Originally the Benedictine Convent of Saints Cosmas and Damian, this building was repurposed into Herion Factory which produced cloths and linen. Later it was developed into a space for startup companies. Now it is leased to SerenDPT for ten years to be developed into a startup incubator. Objectives: To identify necessary actions to successful management of a building. To determine necessary characteristics of successful business incubators and amalgamate them in our own incubator design. To develop plans for an initial cafeteria setup, to be refined in the spring by students from the Basque Culinary Institute. To develop a website to represent the H3 incubator with aspects for both users and managers. To develop an understanding of the needs/wants of Venetians with regard to businesses and business tools.