Green Venice - Cannaregio

YEAR: 2022 | TERM:



William Babincsak, Peter Fernholz, Olivia Garrity, Justin Santiago-Wonoski


SerenDPT, We are here Venice

Urban green space provides numerous benefits to cities. However, green space in Venice, Italy is limited, so properly using and maintaining these existing spaces is essential. We identified 489 green spaces in Cannaregio, Venice, and collected detailed data on the availability, amenities, vegetation, and maintenance needs of the 66 spaces that we could access. Only 47 of these are available to the public. This data was used to assess the condition of the spaces and how well the spaces serve the population. We found that the majority of green spaces in Cannaregio are too small to be usable for recreation and social purposes. We also found that most of the green space in Cannaregio is unavailable to the public, that there is not enough available green space, and that existing spaces are not distributed well for the population, based on metrics from the World Health Organization. We identified spaces that, if opened to the public, could better serve the people of Cannaregio. We made this and other recommendations to We are Here Venice, a green stewardship organization in Venice, and we produced a catalog to describe and promote some of the best green spaces in Cannaregio.