Ecclesiastical Architecture of Venice: Preserving Convents, Churches, Bells and Bell Towers

YEAR: 2013 | TERM: B




Dylan Joseph Heinricher; Lauren Michelle Kahn; Ian Maxwell Maitland; Nolan P. Manor


Frederick L. Hart

The Ecclesiastical Heritage team studied convents, churches, bells, and bell towers. Due to an increasing shift in the general population away from religion, these structures fall into disrepair and disuse or are repurposed. This team looked at the gathering and publication of data about each of these structures to promote their preservation. Using data and existing infrastructure from previous teams, this team was able to publish all of the Venice Project Center’s data in a clear and concise format. This team also increased the wealth of knowledge contained within the Venice Project Center by expanding upon previous data and investigating potential projects that would benefit the Center and its mission. Furthermore, this team created easy to access and easy to use applications to demonstrate to the public and potential project supporters the goal of the Venice Project Center and its associated projects. From the response to the project and the amount of work that is still required to complete the body of knowledge, it is recommended to continue the project with increased focus on bell towers, their accessibility and clocks as well as creating a project that focuses on church alters.