Documentation and Analysis of Canal Boat Parking Within Santa Maria Formosa Insula and Santa Maria dei Frari Insula

YEAR: 1996 | TERM: E




Victor R. Bravo; Jose Lopez; Zung Q. Nguyen


James S. Demetry


Consorzio per la Ricerca e la Formazione in Liquidazione (COSES),Città di Venezia

This project contains an emphasis on the improvement and organization of parking spaces within and around the insula of Santa Maria Formosa and the insula of Santa Maria dei Frari in times of scarcity due to canal closures. In correlation with COSES and the City of Venice, organizational tools consisting of databases and maps are created. The integration of existing data with the production of canal boat parking solutions will seek to maintain original, uninterrupted traffic flow patterns. The challenge inherent in this project is that a solution is rarely simultaneously optimal with respect to all the different criteria to be considered. The final solution is therefore dependent on the organizational tools developed; thereafter improving and organizing the parking spaces within the canals after dredging and maintenance. The organization and the management systems of canal boat parking and canal traffic are then used for municipal purposes in Venice.