Climathon Venice

YEAR: 2021 | TERM:



Christina Avakian, Anna Hickman, Megan Letendre, Dylan Rapoport


SerenDPT, Venice Calls

This project worked with the goal of creating a structure to be used by hosts of the Climathon Venice event to help make event planning easier and help improve the outcomes generated by the event. This event operates with the intent of generating ideas that can be transformed into startup businesses, but it has had limited success in this regard. Our team researched Climathons around the world as well as similar events in order to determine what factors were most important to focus on. From this, we have created an Event Planner Website, designed to help with planning for the Climathon Venice, an Archive Website, designed to showcase information from past Climathon Venices and aid registration for upcoming the upcoming Climathon, and an advertising booklet, designed to be a physical representation of the Archive Website in order to showcase the event in a physical format. It is our hope that with these resources, the hosts of future Climathon Venices will have an easier time planning the event and the outcomes produced will be more successful.