A VPC Contribution to Venice to Expo 2015

YEAR: 2014 | TERM: B




Alexander A. Caracappa; Shannon A. Dacosta; Tri K. Khuu; Elizabeth M. Pellegrini


Michael John Aghajanian

The Venice Project Center's website holds a vast collection of data on the city of Venice that students have accumulated over the past 25 years. This data has become more accessible over the years. Our project developed an innovative way to leverage this data through the creation of a contextual and functionality design of a mobile application for a children's treasure hunt. This mobile application will serve as part of UNESCO's contribution to the Venice to Expo events in conjunction with the 2015 Milan Expo. The app acts as a guide through Venice to bring attention to places and objects in Venice that are often overlooked. It also aims to teach children about water sustainability. This mobile app demonstrates the value of the VPC data and will inspire future innovative uses.