Patere Products of Byzantine culture, patere are small, circular reliefs that dot the sides of buildings throughout Venice and are a sub-set of material culture. Their shape originates from the way they were History,Art folder_open Conservation local_offer
Altars History folder_open Churches local_offer
Churches The churches of Venice vary in many ways, but one subtle form is the layout of the floor. There are two variants of floor design, namely the latin cross and the greek cross. The latin cross is charact Public folder_open Churches local_offer
Venice BnB occupancy Occupancy rate by year of BnB in Venice. Tourism folder_open Residential local_offer
Venice Inner City Island Venice islands have all unique qualities on offer, something truly and deeply special. This is Venice too. Islands that are like museums, ancient villages and beautiful gardens. It would be a great sh Population,Environment folder_open Lagoon local_offer
Venice canals A Venetian canal, know to Venetians as a rio, is a remnant of an ancient natural waterway. The canals today resemble their original appearance but have transformed slightly due to human intervention. Environment folder_open Canals local_offer
Fountain A fountain, fontana, is a public drinking water system in Venice. It serves potable water to the public and locates all over the city. The majority of fountains run continuously whereas only a few of Infrastructure,Public folder_open VPC local_offer
Venice green areas Think of Venice, and you picture ornate buildings, gondolas gliding along waterways and Renaissance art. But explore a little further and you’ll find active farmland and vineyards on outlying islands, Environment,Public folder_open Reutilization,Urban Maintenance local_offer