Made in Venice

Our project focused on identifying business sectors in the non-tourist industry of Venice, Italy that have the potential to flourish. Today in Venice, service companies outnumber production companies three to one. To learn more and combat this issue, we performed an analysis of Venice Chamber of Commerce data, interviewed local businesses, and researched best practices from other cities. We then developed this paper: a roadmap, that guides future project groups, city officials, and business owners towards closing the gap between these industries. The goal of this paper was to give Venetians the information needed to develop initiatives to grow the production sector. This way, jobs will be created and Venetians will continue living in the Historic City for generations to come. Our goal was to identify types of businesses besides tourism that could flourish in Venice, and develop strategies for fostering job creation in these sectors. Our objectives are as follows: 1. Identify past businesses producing material and immaterial goods in Venice. 2. Determine what types of businesses could thrive in Venice and how to help them prosper. 3. Outline a roadmap for the creation of innovative businesses by applying best practices that have worked elsewhere to suitable businesses that could flourish in Venice. Project site: