For 30 years we have been studying solutions to preserve and improve life in the city of Venice.

Future WPI Students

Airbnb in Venice by Occupancy Rate and Price



Years of activity have allowed us to collect a considerable amount of data concerning the city.
This data is the basis for the operation of many services useful to the community, and are used daily by applications and predictive models. We are proud of our Open approach, giving access to our data in order to support and enhance the quality of life in the city.

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Every year since 1988, WPI students have carried out relevant projects in order to solve issues and problems of the city of Venice with a scientific and technological approach. In 30 years of activity, the projects have covered a wide range of topics, from conservation of cultural heritage to in-depth analysis of the hydrogeological data of the lagoon. Many of these projects have inspired and started the creation of Venetian start-ups.

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Preserving Venetian Bell Towers Through Virtual Experiences Documenting the Bells and Bell Towers de Ultra

folder_open Architecture

A Greener Venice: An Exploration and Mapping of Green Spaces in the Venice Islands

folder_open Environment

Vacation Rentals and Residential Housing in Venice

folder_open Tourism / Tourism


Rendiconto Economico e Finanziario 2020
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Making History: an Emergent System for the Systematic Accrual of Transcriptions of Historic Manuscripts
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The Future of Spatial Data Infrastructures: Capacity-building for the Emergence of Municipal SDIs
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Venezia la Città dei Rii
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Photogrammetric Lines Documentation of Traditional Wooden Boats
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& Tools

Thanks to the knowledge collected over the years, we have produced a wide range of applications and tools, ranging from data visualization tools to tourist flow management models.

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Venice Tide latency

This web application allows you to see the level of the water in different segments of the canals in relation to the water level at Punta Salute at the same times. The water levels displayed were data for the time interval consisting of a full tide cycle. There is data for every ten minutes between November 10th to November 30th, 2014. This application demonstrates how the water propagates through the canals in relation to the value at Punta Salute. Click on the image below to go to the web page.

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We believe that our work through the years, by supporting local institutions and activities, has significantly contributed to improving the living conditions in the city.

Housing and renting

Population / Public / Tourism

Unearthing Patterns in Venetian History

Archaeology / History / Infrastructure

Preserving Venetian Bell Towers Through Virtual Experiences

Infrastructure / History / Technology

Local Food and Neighborhood Stores

Public / Population

The Boundaries of Venice

Geography / History

Made in Venice

Public / Population / Communications

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