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Venice 3.0pen: Venice 30th Anniversary Open Data Project The Venetian Open Data project’s mission is to help the Venice Project Center (VPC) make their data more accessible to Venice by addressing the problem of effective data management and creating better Schueler, Matthew J.; Spencer, Myles E.; Willoughby, Colin J.; Ying, Jessie X. 2017 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Publishing 30 Years of Data on Venice, Creating Infographics Describing the City’s Features Over the past thirty years, the Venice Project Center has collected data on numerous topics relating to the infrastructure, history and culture of the city. Our team’s mission was to organize and diss Bishop, Griffin R.; Ciccarelli, Drew P.; Dettloff, Kristen E.; Elzey, Christian S. 2017 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Venice Big Data Visualizing the Continuum of Data in Venice The Venice Project Center (VPC) Big Data team’s mission was to allow locals, tourist and researchers more interactivity with large datasets related to Venice. Deliverables included: an improved real-t Joseph Bremner; Austen Couvertier; Frank Egan 2016 Technology folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Unearthing Patterns in Venetian History:Developing an Online Tool for Discovering Patterns in Subterranean Archaeological Sites Archaeologists in Venice would benefit from digital tools to improve their efficiency in data collection, visualization, and correlation. To aid in archaeological research, we developed a three-part p William Godsey; Natalia Kononenko; Xiaozhu Liu; Lucy Stuehrmann 2016 Archaeology folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
The Story of Venice: An Interactive Timeline The city of Venice has a history that spans over a thousand years. During this period the city became one of the most powerful republics in the Mediterranean and is today a World Heritage site. There Andrew Baez; August Beers; Anthony Lawinger; Andrew L-Ray 2015 History folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Venetian Open Data: Providing Greater Access to the Venice Project Center's Data Resources The Venice Project Center Open Data team’s mission was to provide greater access to the VPC’s data resources. This mission had three main objectives: to create a link between the VPC and dati.venezia. Ruofan Ding; Jon P. Gualdarrama; Ryan S. Horton; Michael J. Perrone 2014 Technology folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
25 Years of Venice Knowledge Online This project prepared for the Venice Project Center's 25th anniversary by publicizing data collected by WPI project teams. We facilitated the creation of the Venice Project Center data repository, whi Kristen Lee Brann; Gregory Thomas Giola; Dylan Joseph Kirby; William Hames Richtmyer 2013 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Digitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of Venice The overall aim of this project was to design a digitization process that would efficiently extract all the useful and important information about restoration records contained in the paper archive of Lorey Michelle Aragon; Jeremy Scott Brown; Gabriela C. Nunez; Julie Anne Wade 2011 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Venice Framework: A Municipal Data Object Management Framework (MQP) Over the past 20 years, the WPI Venice Project Center has been collecting spatial data about the city of Venice, Italy. This document describes our work, during B-term of 2008, on developing a framewo Craig A. Blanchette; Timothy Edison Cheng; Eric Stewart Clayton; James Justin Fyles 2009 Applications folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Facilitating the Exchange and Reusability of Information in the City of Venice Patrick J. Allen; Christopher Jon Fontana; Nathan J. Hebert 2005 Applications folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Place Knowledge: Organizing Data on the Venetian Lagoon Park The “Place Knowledge: Organizing Data on the Venetian Lagoon Park” project, sponsored by the Osservatorio Naturalistico, created a system to easily and inexpensively update information on the northern Laurel A. Doherty; Katherine Elizabeth Mucci; Mark G. Vignali 2005 Applications folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Estimation of Excursionist Tourists in the City of Venice Eduardo Braghin; Carlos Roberto Calvo; Ark Gozubuyuk; Mark Bartholomew Hodos 1999 Tourism folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer