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Analyzing the Evolution of Commerce in Venice Tourism has been blamed for the recent closings of local Venetian stores. However, this is an open question. SmartDest, a European research initiative, explores the relationship between tourism, comme Kody Robinson, Deepti Gosukonda, Patrick Daly 2022 Tourism,Economy folder_open local_offer
Giving MOSE a Voice - Informing the population about the operation of the MOSE floodgates With rising tides, a sinking city, and extreme weather conditions, Venice is experiencing more flooding than ever. Luckily, the city now has MOSE. MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, Experimen Matt Boisvert, Drew Silvernail, Dov Ushman, Evans Owusu 2022 Applications folder_open local_offer
The STEM Lab Through stimulating students’ interest in STEM fields at an early age, educators make it more likely those students will further their STEM education and pursue STEM careers for the betterment of a so Haley Gilbert, Joshua Hollyer, Kaleigh Caserta, Mike Bonito 2022 Science,Technology folder_open local_offer
Green Venice - Cannaregio Urban green space provides numerous benefits to cities. However, green space in Venice, Italy is limited, so properly using and maintaining these existing spaces is essential. We identified 489 green William Babincsak, Peter Fernholz, Olivia Garrity, Justin Santiago-Wonoski 2022 Environment folder_open local_offer
VPC 35th Anniversary The goal of this project is to RECOGNIZE and PROMOTE the VPC’s 35 years of accomplishments and to help the VPC ORGANIZE and DISSEMINATE its current and future research and data to better serve the gre 2022 folder_open local_offer
Assessing the Future of Urban Mobility in Venice From the introduction of rail to the historic city of Venice in 1846 to the introduction of diesel boats in 1934, the city has continually adapted its transportation system to technological advances Tyler Brown, Raul Villalobos, Emmaline Raven 2022 Mobility,Population,Tourism folder_open local_offer
HOUSING as a FACTOR in SOCIAL EXCLUSION: VENICE Case Study Collecting a complete set of data on housing in Venice will give future researchers and residents an accurate data set to compare past and future trends. This is important, as many researchers are in 2022 2022 Tourism,Population folder_open local_offer
Identifying growth opportunities in the venetian cultural economy Our project aims to identify growth opportunities in the Venetian cultural economy by creating an interactive map with the capability to display all the cultural venues and events local to Venice. Thr Emelia Carleton, Lora Dufresne, Danforth Frost Kenerson, Derik Pignone 2021 Art,Institutions,Cartography folder_open local_offer
Green Venice - Castello This study cataloged 182 green spaces in the historic city of Venice, Italy. Data collected at each space includes location, accessibility, vegetation, amenities, land condition and photos. These sp Hope Hutchinson, Alana Miska, Margot Schassler, Michael Rideout 2021 Environment folder_open local_offer
Crafted - Expanding Business & Crafting Partnerships The goal of our project was to assist Crafted in its diversification efforts by assessing its expansion potential and opportunities for partnerships with local sustainable startups. To meet this go Alex Bolduc, Bridget Redgate, Irune Sesma, Thomas Walsh 2021 Economy folder_open local_offer
Venice - Analyzing the Economy After COVID SerenDPT has partnered with SmartDest, a research project funded by the EU whose purpose is to find innovative ways to address the vulnerabilities in cities that have an overreliance on tourism. Thei Kalle Asaro, Carmellitta Le, Mago Sheehy 2021 Economy folder_open local_offer
Exploring the Causes of Depopulation in Venice Through this project we produced a data repository that organizes a wide variety of data about the drivers of depopulation. This data has been collected over time and the repository will preserve it i Alex Bolduc, Bridget Redgate, Irune Sesma, Thomas Walsh 2021 folder_open local_offer
Climathon Venice This project worked with the goal of creating a structure to be used by hosts of the Climathon Venice event to help make event planning easier and help improve the outcomes generated by the event. T Christina Avakian, Anna Hickman, Megan Letendre, Dylan Rapoport 2021 Environment folder_open local_offer
Impacts of Climate Change in Venice: Using Simulations to Model Mitigation Strategies Venice has long been affected by extreme climate events. These events have been well-documented by organizations such as the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and SerenDPT. Our team’s missio Keira Coulard-Smith, Everett Wonson, Kathryn Woodland, William Stottlemyer 2021 Environment,Technology,Applications folder_open local_offer
Venice's Commerce After COVID In this project we have produced a web application capable of visualizing all Venetian shop data collected by the Venice Project Center (VPC) between 2004 and 2018. Using eight datasets from past WPI Lucas Fernandes, Taylor Ostrum, Nathan Morin, Kavim Bhatnagar 2020 Economy,History folder_open local_offer
The Past and Future of Tourism in Venice, The Impacts of Tourism on the Economy, Environment and Culture in Venice The goal of this project was to analyze the effects tourism had on the economy, environment and culture in Venice and consider the future of tourism post-COVID-19 in order to contribute to the SmartDe Madison Di Vico, Martin McCormack, Lucas Micheels, Lauren Revene, Joseph Sorrenti 2020 Tourism,Economy folder_open local_offer
Venice - Culture 2030 Indicators, UNESCO's culture indicators and how they apply to Venice The goal of our project was to conduct a preliminary assessment of the methodology of the UNESCO 2030 Culture Indicators for the entire municipality of Venice. To meet this goal, we collaborated wit Braeden Desmonts, Hana Tabit, Stephanie Bishop, Joshua Reeder 2020 Environment,Economy folder_open local_offer
Fostering the Organic Growth of the H3 Factory Ecosystem This research project developed a series of recommendations to foster the organic growth of the H3 Factory Ecosystem, an incubator and accelerator space in Venice.The team facilitated the fulfillment Kathleen Cochran, Jessica Evans, Madeline Halley, Stephanie Tam 2020 Economy folder_open local_offer
Supporting Citizen Science in Venice How an online platform can revolutionize the way Venice conducts science The goal of this project is to design a digital platform for promoting and visualizing citizen science projects that address environmental, social, and economic problems in Venice. We identified user Frank D'Alessio, Isabel Alvarado Blanco Uribe, Tess Flaherty, Evan Davis 2020 Applications,Science folder_open local_offer
Global Lab Europe, Developing a European Competition to support the creation of social enterprises at European Project Centers Following Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI's) plan of becoming "The Global Polytechnic," the WPI Global Lab sees an opportunity to work alongside European project centers to promote and foster Dianjenis Abreu, Isabella Troop, Siddhant Banerjee 2020 Economy folder_open local_offer
Preserving the Bell Towers of Venice The underlying goal of this project is to observe and record the current state of the bell towers to preserve their historical value and symbolic meaning. The primary goal of this project is to inspir Matt Adiletta, Isabel Bowman, Connor Bruneau, Ian Casciola 2019 Architecture folder_open local_offer
A Self-Sustainable Venice: Creating a Circular Economy with Urban Farming This project investigated the financial and social viability of the implementation of two innovative agricultural startups in Venice. We analyzed the FarmBot system in terms of sustainability, user fr Cyran Benjamin, Premo Julia, Soens Natalie, Ward Benjamin 2019 Technology,Environment folder_open local_offer
Assessing the Quality of Tourist Experiences in Venice, Italy The city of Venice, Italy experiences massive surges of tourists into their city on a daily basis for a total of 23 million tourists entering the city limits every year. The tourists cause overcrowdi Connor Anderson, Thomas King, Michael Laks, Ilona Regan 2019 Tourism folder_open local_offer
Facilitating startup development in Venice We created methodologies for startups to effectively communicate their ideas and engage targeted audiences. We conducted research into different marketing strategies. Promotional and informational mat Mark Bernardo, Francesco De Leo, Tyler Ferrara, Skylar O'Connell 2019 Economy,Technology folder_open local_offer
Exhibiting 30 Years of Achievements at the Venice Project Center Over the last three decades, the Venice Project Center (VPC) has hosted 222 projects, all of which attempted to improve Venice. These teams worked with sponsors to collect data on the city and propose Nathaniel Bajakian, Jordan DeDonato, Jordan DeDonato, Nathan Stallings, Jeremy Wong 2019 folder_open local_offer
Plastic Free Venice: Quantifying and Mapping Plastic Pollution In this project, we contributed to developing a plan to reducing the build-up of plastic pollution in Venice, Italy. Due to the unique geography, being surrounded by the Lagoon, plastic disposal has Shanna Bonanno, Alex Hagedorn, Troy Howlett, Vivian Nguyen 2019 Environment folder_open local_offer
Accessible Venice Mission: The goal of this project is to assess the level of the availability of information, access, and other initiatives that support people with disabilities in Venice. Objectives: To determin Eliana Abenante; Andrew DeRusha; Michael DiStefano; Stephanie Jones 2018 Mobility folder_open Accessibilitylocal_offer
Bells and Towers Venice is a city full of culture and history, a key part of which resides in the over 100 bells and bell towers scattered across the city. Unfortunately, many of these bell towers have been abandoned Nick Colucci; Candan Iuliano; Fivos Kavassalis; Philippe Lessard 2018 Architecture,Art,History folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Urban Agriculture: Localizing Venice's Food This project is designed to assist the SerenDPT team in promoting Venice’s self-sustainability by determining the need and available market for zero-kilometer farming, by designating underused spaces Alex Jordan; Rachel Manca; Kevin O'Driscoll 2018 Technology folder_open Sustainabilitylocal_offer
Celebrating 30 Years of the Venice Project Center through Data Visualization The Venice Project Center was founded in 1988, so this year iit will celebrate its 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the VPC plans a series of events and initiatives to be held at our new Venice Ken Morton; Nicholas Delli Carpini; Elijah Ellis; Sam Hale 2018 Institutions folder_open VPClocal_offer
PreserVenice Launch: A Crowdfunding Solution for Preserving Venetian Heritage Artwork and public sites across Venice are in various states of disrepair, and are in need of funding to restore to their former state. Although a solid code base and the foundations of a website exis Dimitri Berardi; Benjamin Hetherington; Samuel Joy; Katherine Thompson 2018 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Open For Business: Analyzing Venetian Storefronts Analysis of big data in order to aid local business in Venice On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the VPC and in the preparation for the publication of a book on the retail shops in Venice, this project will conduct a complete update of the existing inven Joe Bartone; Yibin Chen; Stephanie Racca; Keith Scales 2018 Economy,Infrastructure folder_open Retaillocal_offer
H3 Planning Originally the Benedictine Convent of Saints Cosmas and Damian, this building was repurposed into Herion Factory which produced cloths and linen. Later it was developed into a space for startup comp Colin Hiscox; Ryan Lee; Peter Maida; Alexander McMahon 2018 Architecture folder_open VPClocal_offer
The Future of Mobility in Venice This project investigated the limits of the current transportation and parking systems, evaluated improvements to these systems, and explored innovative changes. We analyzed the current car parking Bonina, John W.; Cody, Sean R.; Panicci, Michael A.; Smith, Katherine M. 2017 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Publishing 30 Years of Data on Venice, Creating Infographics Describing the City’s Features Over the past thirty years, the Venice Project Center has collected data on numerous topics relating to the infrastructure, history and culture of the city. Our team’s mission was to organize and diss Bishop, Griffin R.; Ciccarelli, Drew P.; Dettloff, Kristen E.; Elzey, Christian S. 2017 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
A Greener Venice: An Exploration and Mapping of Green Spaces in the Venice Islands Our study identified and classified green spaces on the island of Giudecca in Venice, Italy. We developed a methodology to classify each of the green spaces as an Urban Wild, Park, Private Garden, o Drewniak, Nathan P.; Entov, Gabriel; McNamara, Kinsey; Wang, Chenggu 2017 Environment folder_open Parkslocal_offer
Venice 3.0pen: Venice 30th Anniversary Open Data Project The Venetian Open Data project’s mission is to help the Venice Project Center (VPC) make their data more accessible to Venice by addressing the problem of effective data management and creating better Schueler, Matthew J.; Spencer, Myles E.; Willoughby, Colin J.; Ying, Jessie X. 2017 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Staying in Venice: Feasibility Study of Housing Startup Casa Peota This project identifies how Venetians can leverage income from tourist rentals so that residents and visitors can stay in Venice sustainably and affordably. We assessed the housing and short-term rent Cerce, John; Moo Feng, (Erick) Zhung Keung; Smith, Samantha A.; Steele, Charles C. 2017 Economy folder_open Housinglocal_offer
Developing a Comprehensive Proposal for Tourism Management in Venice We developed a comprehensive proposal for tourism management in Venice using our analysis of existing proposals. We observed how people navigated the city, the state of signage, and tour group sizes Crognale, Joseph G.; Elfenbein, Ari S.; Korn, Justin; Mart, Benjamin G. 2017 Tourism folder_open Tourismlocal_offer
Saving Venice's Heritage The goal of this project is to contribute to the development of a platform (Arti.City) that would allow individuals worldwide to donate to the preservation of public art in their city, using Venice as Child, Benjamin H.; Mercouris, Victoria N.; Richards, Kyle L.; Sadoyan, Harutyun 2017 Art folder_open Conservationlocal_offer
The Boundaries of Venice Digitally Mapping Historical Venetian Borders and their Modern Day Implications Venice’s mainland and lagoon regions are polarized due to their economic and demographic differences. The regions, formerly divided by many historical borders of Venice, are now merged into one city. John DeVine, Jr.; Marcus Lundgren; Dimitar Vouldjeff; Jessica Wey 2016 Geography folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Vacation Rentals and Residential Housing in Venice This team explored the critical issues related to the Venetian housing market including availability of housing assistance and the properties owned and managed in Venice by various agencies. Wealsostu Hayley Boigenzahn; Steven Loftin; Dylan Roncati; Andrey Yuzvik 2016 Tourism,Tourism folder_open Housinglocal_offer
Unearthing Patterns in Venetian History:Developing an Online Tool for Discovering Patterns in Subterranean Archaeological Sites Archaeologists in Venice would benefit from digital tools to improve their efficiency in data collection, visualization, and correlation. To aid in archaeological research, we developed a three-part p William Godsey; Natalia Kononenko; Xiaozhu Liu; Lucy Stuehrmann 2016 Archaeology folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Preserving Venetian Bell Towers Through Virtual Experiences Documenting the Bells and Bell Towers de Ultra This project aimed to aid in the preservation of Venetian bell towers by updating Venice Project Center bell tower databases through documenting their state and creating virtual experiences. It was ac Rachel Huntley; Frederick (Ricky) Metters; Obatola Seward-Evans; Frederick (Fritz) Brokaw 2016 Architecture folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Made in Venice:Past, Present and Future Our project focused on identifying business sectors in the non-tourist industry of Venice, Italy that have the potential to flourish. Today in Venice, service companies outnumber production companies Nicholas Carabillo; Kelsey Saucier; Alex Shefferman; Emma Sheils 2016 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Recreating the Neighborhood MarketplaceA reproducible business model for a supermarket comprised of local stores The rise of supermarkets has provided Venetian residents with a large variety of goods in one convenient location, which coupled with competitive pricing make supermarkets a favorable choice for local Claudia Dufour; Casey Maffucci; Emily Newman; Patrick Wang 2016 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Venice Big Data Visualizing the Continuum of Data in Venice The Venice Project Center (VPC) Big Data team’s mission was to allow locals, tourist and researchers more interactivity with large datasets related to Venice. Deliverables included: an improved real-t Joseph Bremner; Austen Couvertier; Frank Egan 2016 Technology folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Safe and Sustainable Tourism: Managing Venice's Millions of Visitors Venice is visited by millions of tourists every year, which makes life difficult for the city’s residents. To help solve the problems tourism brings, the team built a proposal for tourism management. Christopher J. Connor Jr.; Thomas S. Hanna; William Van Rensselaer; Zachary R. Wingerter 2015 Tourism folder_open Tourismlocal_offer
Increasing the Efficiency of Venetian Transport Systems for the Reduction of Moto Ondoso Motor boat wakes is a pressing problem in Venice’s canals. It poses a safety threat to smaller boats which risk being capsized, and erodes the canal walls. The goal of this project was to address inef Annabella Goncalves; Nicholaus Jasinski; Alexandre Pauwels; Jacqueline Tedesco 2015 Mobility folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Exploring the City of Islands: Interactive Resources for Analyzing the Islands of Venice Our project team created a unified database of demographic, dimensional, historical, and cultural information pertaining to each of the 166 islands in the Venetian Archipelago. Deliverables included o Georges Gauthier; David McDonald; Jenna O’Connell; Nick Panzarino 2015 Cartography folder_open Islandslocal_offer
Preserving Venice’s Bells and Their Towers In Venice, where Catholic Church attendance has declined, bells and bell towers have lost their purpose. Their neglect has left them vulnerable to decay and structural stresses. This project involved Christopher Bove; Kristin Gallagher; Meghan Hickey; James Honicker 2015 Architecture folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
The Story of Venice: An Interactive Timeline The city of Venice has a history that spans over a thousand years. During this period the city became one of the most powerful republics in the Mediterranean and is today a World Heritage site. There Andrew Baez; August Beers; Anthony Lawinger; Andrew L-Ray 2015 History folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Evaluating Changes in the Venetian Retail Sector and Managing the Use of Public Space The resident population is declining, and tourism is rising in Venice. At the same time, neighborhood shops are closing, and tourist stores are opening, which impacts the local population. To analyze Francis LaRovere; Jonathan Sawin; Katie Gandomi; Emanuela Sherifi 2015 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Mobility On Venetian Expressways: Alleviating congestion and improving navigation in Venice Venetians’ quality of life is being affected through street congestion and safety risks introduced by increasing tourism. The team digitally modeled the streets of Venice and conducted manual and auto Taylor Flaxington; Rigen Mehilli; Aaron Pepin; Daniel Sturman 2015 Mobility folder_open Canalslocal_offer
The Evolution of Venice Through Mapping Technology: A Venice Project Center Collaboration with the Atlante della Laguna The City of Venice is famous for its unique structure and culture, but those same features create unique management challenges. To help address these challenges, the city informs its decisions with th Sopheaktra Chhim; Thomas A. Hoctor; John W. Pryor; Bryan J. Sadowski 2014 Cartography folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Venetian Open Data: Providing Greater Access to the Venice Project Center's Data Resources The Venice Project Center Open Data team’s mission was to provide greater access to the VPC’s data resources. This mission had three main objectives: to create a link between the VPC and dati.venezia. Ruofan Ding; Jon P. Gualdarrama; Ryan S. Horton; Michael J. Perrone 2014 Technology folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Missing Venice: Tracking the Global Movement of Venetian Art and the Evolution of Venetian Architecture and Infrastructure Changes in the government of Venice heavily influenced Venice’s art, architecture, and infrastructure. After creating a specific research method, the team added to 25 years of WPI’s research by docume Daniel J Benson; Andrea N Boxell; Grant M Brining; Jonathan L Leitschuh 2014 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
A VPC Contribution to Venice to Expo 2015 The Venice Project Center's website holds a vast collection of data on the city of Venice that students have accumulated over the past 25 years. This data has become more accessible over the years. Ou Alexander A. Caracappa; Shannon A. Dacosta; Tri K. Khuu; Elizabeth M. Pellegrini 2014 Technology folder_open VPClocal_offer
Impacts of Tourism Venice is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. Over the course of Venice’s history, it has evolved from a massive trade empire to a major tourist hotspot. Our objective is to quantif Ahmed Blanco; Vincent J. D'Ambrosio; Andrew J. La Manna; Kevin P. Martin 2014 Tourism folder_open Tourismlocal_offer
Piera Alta Piera Alta explored the possibility of facilitating pedestrian flood routing in Venice, Italy through a mobile web application. To address the issue of flooding, data from previous years were first ex Rafael L. Angelo; Joao Mauricio C. Vasconcelos; Andrea Y. Chan; Daniel C. Hill 2014 Infrastructure folder_open Accessibilitylocal_offer
Venetian Time: An Examination of Time and Space in Venice This project was conducted to increase understanding of perceptions of time in Venice. Locations of clocks in Venice have been recorded and evaluated for implementation on veniceprojectcenter.org. The Mark S. Chakuroff; Kelsey B. Powderly; Dennis Steven Silva 2014 Population folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Boats are Waking Me Crazy: An Analysis of Boat Traffic and Moto Ondoso in Venice Over the past ten years, the number of boat trips being made in the Venetian canals has grown substantially, and is expected to continue to rise in the future. This increase in boat trips represents a Alexander Gottlieb Bennett; Samuel Scott Hastings; Stephen O. Petry; Alexander Delong Solomon 2013 Environment folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Tourism in the City of Canals: Managing Venice's Love-Hate Relationship with its Visitors Over the course of our stay in Venice, we examined the magnitude and impact of a number of aspects of tourism to the historic city, as well as some characteristics of the city which affect and are aff Alexander Lochan Gorowara; Aquame Justin Matthews; Daryn James Russo; Armagan Sezer 2013 Tourism folder_open Populationlocal_offer
Ecclesiastical Architecture of Venice: Preserving Convents, Churches, Bells and Bell Towers The Ecclesiastical Heritage team studied convents, churches, bells, and bell towers. Due to an increasing shift in the general population away from religion, these structures fall into disrepair and d Dylan Joseph Heinricher; Lauren Michelle Kahn; Ian Maxwell Maitland; Nolan P. Manor 2013 Architecture folder_open Conservationlocal_offer
Boats and Bottlenecks: Improving Mobility in Venice Our project focused on the topics of public transportation, pedestrian infrastructure, and pedestrian congestion. As Venice has a very unique transportation infrastructure as a whole, our group adapte Kelsey Marie Brofford; Riley David Larkins; Luis Jose Pernia-Rovayo; Alexandra Elizabeth Shea 2013 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Canals, Bridges and Urban Maintenance This project aims to produce up-to-date information for a comprehensive list of canals, segments and bridges, and to study ways to achieve a reduction in the maintenance cost of canals and related inf Dominick Christopher Bossalini; Brian William Gardner; Tyler Douglas Mathews; Mitchell Edwin Wills 2013 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Venice Through the Canals of Time: Mapping the Physical Evolution of the City Venice is a city that has undergone many changes since it was first settled. Today, Venice is made up of 123 islands, but that has not always been the case. Over time, the islands of Venice have evolv Justin Francis Chines; Eric Eoff; Alexander Christian Reynolds; Amanda Michelle Weis 2013 Cartography folder_open Canalslocal_offer
25 Years of Venice Knowledge Online This project prepared for the Venice Project Center's 25th anniversary by publicizing data collected by WPI project teams. We facilitated the creation of the Venice Project Center data repository, whi Kristen Lee Brann; Gregory Thomas Giola; Dylan Joseph Kirby; William Hames Richtmyer 2013 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Venipedia: An English Language Data-Driven Wiki Dedicated to Venice For the past twenty-five years the Venice Project Center has been collecting data pertaining to Venetian culture and heritage. In an effort to distribute this work and to create a usable resource on V Patrick Anthoney Bobell; Lauren Barbara McCarthy; David Michael Poganski; Alyssa B. Tsiros 2012 Applications folder_open Venipedialocal_offer
Treasures Underfoot: Preserving Venice's Church Floor Artifacts With one hundred forty four churches spread throughout Venice and its lagoon, churches are an important aspect of Venetian culture. While many of these churches have been closed or repurposed, 88 chur Danielle Catherine Dechaine; Meghan D. Hennessey; Jeffrey Orszulak; Kevin Alexander Rullmann 2012 Architecture folder_open Church Floorslocal_offer
Merchants of Venice: A Look At the Changes in the Venetian Stores and Tourist Accommodations and Their Impact on the Local Population The demand in Venice is created by those who occupy its streets. The demographics and number of visitors in Venice have been changing drastically over the past years, with its population steadily decl Benjamin Nathanael Bruso; Hongling Chen; Amanda Olm; Iliana Jeanne-Marie Schulman 2012 Economy folder_open Populationlocal_offer
Streamlining Canal Hydrodynamic Measurements in Venice: Updating Measurements and Developing Plans for Extensive Data Collection This project investigated new methods for taking extensive hydrodynamic measurements in the inner canals of Venice. The team developed and tested new devices for measuring water level and current velo Emanuel DeMaio; Emily Kathryn Jones; Louie-John Vincenzo Mistretta; Olive Ruth Rappoli 2012 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Steps in Venice: Study to Evaluate Pedestrian Systems Each year Venice is impacted by the large number of tourists that travel to the city for its famous celebrations and landmarks. Consequently, the number of pedestrians has been rapidly increasing and Timothy Metter Forrest; Erin Michelle Heckley; Alexander Jungnom Kim; Melanie Louise Wiater 2012 Mobility folder_open Pedestrianlocal_offer
Venice Bells and Bell Towers: A Striking Source of Knowledge The project compiled, updated and blended into a single database all previous information collected by the Venice Project Center on the bells and bell towers of Venice, Italy in the years between 1992 Frederick Anthony Baruffi; Janelle Marina Boucher; Madalyn E. Coryea; Danielle A. Spector 2012 Architecture folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Impact of Tourism on Boat Transportation Systems: Analyzing the Effect of Cruise Ship Passengers in Venice The number of tourists visiting the city of Venice every year has rapidly been increasing, verging on being unsustainable, especially during the summer months. The public transportation network has be Marissa Rose Capua; Jessica Lorraine Guyette; Brian James Hetherman; Lindsay Ann Hock 2012 Mobility,Analyzing folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
PreserVenice: Preserving the Material Culture of Venice This project was conducted under the auspices of UNESCO for the purpose of promoting the preservation and restoration of Venetian material culture. Consisting of over 7,000 individual pieces compiled Jonathan James Fitzgibbon; Christopher John Kazanovicz; Nicholas Alexander Lima; Courtney Anne Rosales 2011 Art,Architecture folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Update on the Hydrodynamics of the Venice Canals This project provides an update on the hydrodynamics of 93 canal segments in the historical center of Venice. During the 1990’s, students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) measured the curren Junbo Chen; Anthony Robert DiNino; Zachary R. Mintz; Robert Patrick Wolf 2011 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Building Blocks of Venice: Preserving Knowledge of a City's Infrastructure and Maintenance The ultimate goal of our project was to develop an online repository for Venice’s urban infrastructure and the unique techniques used to maintain it. In doing this, we improved accessibility to this i Paul Peter Finn; Katie Lucille Hutchinson; Ryan A. Muller; Jesse Paul Ouellette 2011 Infrastructure folder_open Venipedialocal_offer
Digitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of Venice The overall aim of this project was to design a digitization process that would efficiently extract all the useful and important information about restoration records contained in the paper archive of Lorey Michelle Aragon; Jeremy Scott Brown; Gabriela C. Nunez; Julie Anne Wade 2011 Institutions folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Interactive Venice: Using Art and Games to Bring Awareness to Venetian Social Concerns This project explores three approaches to raising awareness about the social concerns in Venice through fun and interactivity. The first approach, entitled "Interacting," consists of hardware installa Michael Stewart Frankfort; Rinaldo R. Izzo; Roni George Rostom; Jillian Ames Sauer 2011 Art folder_open Educationlocal_offer
Noises of Venice: An Exploration of Noise in an Historic City The goal of this project was to create a system for citizens to report noise problems in the historically quiet city of Venice, thus enabling government officials to identify key issues and laying the Elliott Stewart Calamari; Neil Cruz Pomerleau; Robert Edward Puishys; Wesley James Ripley 2011 Environment,Tourism folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Traversing the Labyrinth: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pedestrian Traffic in Venice The purpose of this project was to contribute to the development of a pedestrian model to assist the City of Venice in the management of the ever-increasing influx of tourists. To validate the model, Chelsea Anne Fogarty; Geordie Charles Folinas; Steven Charles Greco; Cassandra Lynn Stacy 2011 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Detailed Look At the Changing Venetian Retail Sector Since World War II, the entire face of the Venetian retail sector has changed quite considerably. Since 2004, student teams from Worcester Polytechnic Institute have studied the evolution of stores in Laura D. Aurilio; Heather Jean Lewis; Katherine Lynn Mattern; Christopher Francis Pinola 2011 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
PreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Material Culture The PreserVenice initiative is dedicated to obtaining funding, providing documentation, and increasing awareness of material culture to contribute toward preservation. We created interactive maps, des Alyssa A. Ascare; Holly Dice Fletcher; Amy Takara Mazzucotelli; Daniel B. Pierson 2010 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Return to the City of Water: Quantifying Change in the Venetian Canals This project addressed the rumors spreading through the city of Venice, Italy regarding an alteration in the canal system. Residents have reported a change of flow and a movement of the watershed that Alison M. Corriveau; Jessica A. DiToro; Carlos Humberto Martinez Luna; Brian J. Scully 2010 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Venipedia: A Modern Knowledge and Data Wiki Dedicated to the City of Venice There are many people and organizations in the world that have collected data and information pertaining to Venice, but there is currently little data and information available on the internet about t Thomas M. Finelli; Catherine Hannah O'Brien; Kevin R. Scannell 2010 Applications folder_open Venipedialocal_offer
Mobility in the Floating City: A Study of Pedestrian Transportation This Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project worked to study and improve the mobility efficiency of the historic city center of Venice. We evaluated and quantified pedestrian traffic at 10 high volume br Marcus Calixte Amilcar; Amy Laura Liu Bourgeouis; Savonne James Setalsingh; Matthew John Tassinari 2010 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Exploring the History of Venice: Relics, Records, and Relations This project is comprised of three unique and independent components. The common thread which ties them all together is their inter-relationships with the city of Venice and understanding its historic Corrie Elizabeth Avila; Elizabeth Marie DeZulueta; Sofia Mukhanov; Maarja-Liisa Sokk 2010 History folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Capturing the Changing Face of the Venetian Retail Sector The retail sector of Venice has been evolving considerably since World War II, with a high number of store closures. Theories as to the cause of this phenomenon include population decline, high levels Andrew T. Carey; Bryan Douglas Lee; Rebecca M. Meissen; Aikanysh Syrgak-Kyzy 2010 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Cruise Control: To Further the Understanding of the Comprehensive Impacts of Cruise Ships on the City of Venice The ultimate purpose of this project was to further the understanding of the comprehensive impacts, both positive and negative, of cruise ships on the city of Venice. This objective was accomplished b Shane Patrick Bellingham; Cortney M. Davis; Christopher J. O'Brien; Erin Lee Saari 2010 Tourism folder_open Cruise Shipslocal_offer
Cruise Ships: Influencing the City of Venice Italian tourism is divided amongst attractions that are known the world around. Rome, Florence, Milan and Sicily all see their fair share of tourists, but none of these cities are as unique as Venice. Nicholas Brad Hunnewell; James H. Reese; Damian P. Skwierczynski; Ryan Thomas Vautrin 2009 Tourism folder_open Cruise Shipslocal_offer
Unearthing the Roots of Venice: From Relics to DNA This project sought to contribute to the comprehension of the origins of Venice and its people through archaeology, ancient documents, and genetic genealogy. ArchEasy, a web-based management system fo Debora Afezolli; Benjamin M. Allen; Jaclyn E. Hepworth; Andrew James Kazanovicz 2009 Population,Public folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Showcasing Twenty Years of Venice Project Center Results using Interactive Online Infographics Since 1988, students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have been traveling to Venice, Italy to conduct public works projects on subjects ranging from public art preservation, boat and tide monitoring John P. Brunelli; Edward Paul Orsi; Amanda Rose Sargent 2009 Institutions folder_open VPClocal_offer
PreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public Art Over the course of this project, PreserVenice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Venetian public art, was founded. The purpose of this project was to assist wit Jaime Antonio Bezek; Amanda Lee Nichols; Colin F. Roddy; Rebecca A. Trojanowski 2009 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Postmodern Postmortems: Art to Highlight Social Issues in Venice, Italy In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the WPI Venice Project Center, we are launching the Venice 2.0 Initiative. The “Postmodern Postmortem” is a product this initiative. The basic concept is to u Brendan J. Turcotte 2009 Art folder_open Interactive Installationslocal_offer
Venice Framework: A Municipal Data Object Management Framework (MQP) Over the past 20 years, the WPI Venice Project Center has been collecting spatial data about the city of Venice, Italy. This document describes our work, during B-term of 2008, on developing a framewo Craig A. Blanchette; Timothy Edison Cheng; Eric Stewart Clayton; James Justin Fyles 2009 Applications folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Un'Economia Sommersa: Documenting the Evolution of the Venetian Formal Economy The formal business sector of Venice, Italy has evolved drastically since 1920 from a residential-based economy to one devoted mainly to tourism. This project explored these changes and documented the Chelsey E. Anderson; Rhiannon Chiacchiaro; Shanna L. Infantino; Yoshitaka C. Shiotsu 2009 Economy folder_open Historylocal_offer
Postmodern Postmortem: Highlighting Venetian Issues Through Art The purpose of this project was to contribute to the creation and implementation of interactive, data driven, street art installations. Expanding off of the previous Postmodern Postmortem IQP we furth William E. Early; Amanda Angela Rinaldi; Lisa Marissa Rossi; Daniel J. Savastano 2009 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Venetian Mobility on Land and Sea This project quantified, qualified, and analyzed pedestrians in Venice, Italy through counting and observing Venetians and tourists at bridges and boat stops throughout the city. Data was collected ma Christopher T. Aloisio; Jason B. Gabriel; Kara Bernadet Greenfield; Alexander G. Kelly 2009 Mobility,Water folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Life in the "City of Water" This project revealed that Venetian community life is threatened by high cost of living and housing. Through interviews and investigations on quality of life in Venice, residents expressed concern tha Jenny M. Lund; Joshua D. Luther; Tobin Patrick McGee; Stephanie M. Miskell 2008 Population folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Venice: An Aging City This project initiated a study of the quality of life of older Venetians. Through observations as well as interviews with older Venetians and with representatives of service agencies, we learned that Angelica M. DeMartino; Julie A. Kent; Daniel Richard Mallette 2008 Population folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Venice: Genesis of the City and its People Venetian law requires an archaeologist to report all objects found during municipal excavations. We designed a system to help analyze evidence from those reports. Manuscript transcriptions made by sch Erik Daniel Carlson; Felix Nwaobasi; Shikhar Saxena; Viktoras Truchanovicius 2008 Population folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Preserving Venetian Heritage On December 1st, 2008 156cm of water flooded Venice, threatening to repeat the devastation of the flood of 1966. Our project published, in an engaging web format, comprehensive information, such as co Meagan P. Foley; Alex Scott Larsen; Timothy Thomas Navien; Phoebe Elizabeth Riley 2008 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Floating Around Venice: Developing Mobility Management Tools and Methodologies in Venice This Interactive Qualifying Project developed and refined tools to assist in managing Venice’s boat and pedestrian traffic. We monitored boat traffic at 19 locations in Venice to improve the accuracy Christopher D. Catanese; Danice Yequay Chou; Bethany J. Lagrant; Rudy E. Pinkham 2008 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Challenges and Opportunities of Young Venetians Young people constitute an ever dwindling share of the population of Venice. Our study established the quality of life factors most relevant to young Venetians as well as prevailing trends. It was obs Meggan Rose Birmingham; Akhil Kejriwal; Julie J. Marquis; Pedriant Peña 2008 Population,Public folder_open Demographicslocal_offer
Divertimi: A Tourist Guide to a Unique and Enriching Experience This project lays a foundation for the development of an e-tourism website by Azienda di Promozione Turistica della Provincia di Venezia, the provincial tourism authority in the Veneto region of Italy Daniel Paul Cianfrocco; Cordero Greg Marrero; Lindsay Mullins; Danielle M. Volpe 2008 Tourism folder_open Technologylocal_offer
Auto-Accretion Powered By Microbial Fuel Cells in the Venetian Lagoon (MQP) Venice, Italy is a city known for its beautiful architecture, culture, and unique lifestyle. What adds to the romance of the city and sets it apart from all of the others are the canals flowing betwee Jessica Lynn Balesano; Jodi Michelle Lowell 2007 Infrastructure folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Museo Arzanà: Preserving the Traditional Boats of Venice Preserving traditions and historical artifacts is the key to understanding and cherishing any culture. In Venice, it is the traditional boats that are the most important reminder of the city’s ancient Bryan M. Bigda; Michelle L. Dubuke; Daniel S. LaTorella; Jennifer Marie Richards 2007 Institutions folder_open Museumslocal_offer
uSCRIPT: an AJAX-based Online Manuscript Transcription Service (MQP) This project, a continuation of the ongoing Emergent Transcriptions Initiative, redesigned and implemented the Transcription Assistant software system. The system provides tools for archivists and tra Brian Cafferelli; Nathaniel W. Piper; Eric Bishop Sutman 2007 Technology folder_open Transcriptionlocal_offer
PreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public Art The purpose of this project was to preserve Venetian public art, a diverse collection of artifacts that is as unique as the city itself. Examining the data collected by prior IQP groups, we agreed on Amanda Lee Kent; Rebecca Lynne Kieselbach; Kyle Hathaway Miller; Ryan David Sottolano; Steven Richard Vessella 2007 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Pressing Issues: A Venetian Socioeconomic Overview This project discusses and assesses the current condition of tourism, retail, and cargo delivery as well as the social and economic implications of each in Venice, Italy. The 14.6 million yearly touri Jonathan Bahlatzis; Sophia Mary D'Angelo; Hamlet V. Nina; Ilan Shomorony 2007 Population folder_open Tourismlocal_offer
Urban Maintenance and Venetian Accessibility The purpose of this project was to review the history and progress of urban maintenance in preparation for the Venice Project Center’s 20th anniversary. Due to language barriers, knowledge about Venet Kevin Matthew Black; Sara A. Migdal; Michael T. Morin; Dukens Quinton René; Nicholas D. Vitello 2007 Environment folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Turning Traffic Around: An Analysis of Boat Traffic in Venice and Its Environmental Impacts This project contributed to the ongoing development of an autonomous agent model of Venetian boat traffic by collecting detailed turning-movement counts at 17 intersections and updated indices for boa Marc Joseph Balboa; Michelle Carbonneau; Kyle Feeley; Lester Li 2007 Analyzing,Environment folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Decline of Venetian Food Stores as a Gauge for Social Change in the City This project explored various dimensions of change in the availability of food in Venice using a triangulated research method, with the purpose of developing a comprehensive understanding of the varia Lesley A. Bright; Sara I. Duran; Stephen L. Parsons; Luis M. Rodriguez-Martin 2006 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Optimizing the Use of Canal Parking Space in Venice This project gathered data about the interaction between boat traffic and parking in Venice, Italy in order to identify criteria for the allocation of permanent and temporary parking permits. To monit Gregory J. Bukowski; Briana Elizabeth Dougherty; Russell W. Morin; Patrick Renaud 2006 Mobility folder_open Parkinglocal_offer
Reviving the History of the Venetian Scuole: Public Education through an Interactive Website This project was the first at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to research, study, and analyze no longer existing Venetian institutions known as scuole. These scuole were akin to confraternities, artis Chelsea Lynn Bierkan; Jennifer M. Gosselin; Justin Pelkowski; Katharine H. Woodman 2006 History folder_open Educationlocal_offer
Mapping Turbulent Discharges in Venetian Canals (MQP) The goal of this project was to create a device to automatically measure and record turbulence discharged from motorboats in Venetian canals, and create a map of those discharges over time. The system Francis J. Carino; Steven C. Marshall 2006 Cartography folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Re-engineering the Venetian Taxi Transportation System: Efficiency Improvements That Reduce Moto Ondoso This project, sponsored by the Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia, located in Venice, Italy evaluated the current taxi transportation system in an effort to improve the efficiency of the operation while mini Robert F. Accosta; Theodore Beckos McDonald; Corina C. Scanio; Jessica L. Thibideau 2006 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Toward a Dynamic Atlas: A Case Study on the Birds of the Venetian Lagoon This project, Toward a Dynamic Atlas, created a prototype for the Osservatorio Naturalistico della Laguna of an online dynamic atlas for the Venetian lagoon. This dynamic atlas possesses a species cat Leia Marie Houle; Matthew B. Nichols; Thomas C. Peterson; Joshua T. Stewart 2006 Environment folder_open Wildlifelocal_offer
Murano Energy Reduction: An Investigation of Technologies to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Artistic Glass Furnaces This project, sponsored by the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, a research laboratory funded by the glass industry located in Murano, Italy, assessed the technologies available for increasing fuel eff Keith G. Ferry; Nicholas C. McMahon; Andrea L. Portnoy; Jacob H. Troiano 2006 Environment folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Embedded Heritage: A Study of Venetian Church Floors David Thomas Gagnon; Eric Ruscitti; Kelly L. Thompson 2005 Architecture folder_open Church Floorslocal_offer
Alpine Mountain Huts: A Marketing and Accessibility Plan William Ross Blackmar; James Gaudette; Andrew Giaquinta 2005 Tourism folder_open Sustainabilitylocal_offer
Ultrasound Boat-Monitoring System (MQP) Jesse Alexander Chisholm; Adam J. Hart; Sander R. Van Twisk 2005 Technology folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Mapping Underwater Turbulence in Venice (MQP) The goal of this capstone design project was to design a fully automated data collection system that could be installed in diesel or gasoline motorboats to monitor engine RPM. The system is based on p Nicholas D. Angelini; José Brache; Matthew J. Gdula; Craig Edmund Shevlin 2005 Technology folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Facilitating the Exchange and Reusability of Information in the City of Venice Patrick J. Allen; Christopher Jon Fontana; Nathan J. Hebert 2005 Applications folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Residential Comfort Level: An Analysis of the Venetian Retail Sector Ta Karra Greene; Benjamin E. Isabella; Freddy X. Jervis; Danielle C. Modeste 2005 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Place Knowledge: Organizing Data on the Venetian Lagoon Park The “Place Knowledge: Organizing Data on the Venetian Lagoon Park” project, sponsored by the Osservatorio Naturalistico, created a system to easily and inexpensively update information on the northern Laurel A. Doherty; Katherine Elizabeth Mucci; Mark G. Vignali 2005 Applications folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Preserving the Nautical Traditions and Maritime Heritage of Venice, Italy This Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project focuses on the nautical heritage of Venice, Italy, and is a continuation of a project completed in 2004. The introduction of motorboats has resulted in dwindl Brian J. Catalano, II; Kristen J. Gervais; Ryan D. Sinapius 2005 History folder_open Nauticallocal_offer
Reconstructing Sea Levels Prior to 1872 through Venetian Art and Architecture Laura Rose Corsetto; David A. DeFusco; Michael J. Scarsella 2004 Art folder_open Conservationlocal_offer
Traditional Boats of Venice: Assessing a Maritime Heritage Sean P. Candlish; Sarah E. Stout 2004 History folder_open Nauticallocal_offer
Evolution of Stores and Decline of Residential Comfort: the Availability of Necessary Goods in the Historical Center of Venice Greg R. Chandonnet; Andrew C. Christo; Patricia Anne Pope; Karen Singh 2004 Economy folder_open Retaillocal_offer
Mapping turbulence in the canals of Venice (MQP) The goal of this project was to create a device to automatically measure and record turbulence discharged from motorboats in Venetian canals, and create a map of those discharges over time. The system Christopher Allen Lacasse; Kevin J. Menard 2004 Technology folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Ultrasound Boat-Monitoring System: Venice Canal Boat Traffic and Damage Monitoring System (MQP) Alexander Gomperts; Chun Ho Lee; Yusuke Tanefusa 2004 Technology folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Evolution of the Forma Urbis: A Graphical Tool for Analyzing the Urban Development of Venice Christopher Edward Baker; Samantha Dakin; Cem Saracel 2004 Geography folder_open Islandslocal_offer
Public Art Preservation in Venice: Non-Public Wellheads and Fountains As our society places more and more emphasis on technological development and further advancement of our civilization, historical heritage is often forgotten. Public art serves as a reminder of the gr Aaron Edward Kelley; Gregory I. Ratner; Matthew J. Schmaelzle; Orest Thomollari 2004 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Analysis of the Archaeological Potential of Venetian Church Floors The purpose of this project was to identify churches in Venice that present the greatest archaeological opportunity and present our findings to our sponsor Luigi Fozzati and the Soprintendenza all’ Ar Scott J. Blanchard; Jeffrey Alan Caputo; Matthew J. Regan; Matthew L. Shaw 2004 Archaeology folder_open Church Floorslocal_offer
Planning Sustainable Tourism for the Northern Lagoon Park of Venice Eric R. Chandonnet; Daniel Richardi; Christie Ann Rudis; Agnieszka B. Ziolek 2004 Tourism folder_open Parkslocal_offer
Preservation of Venetian Bell Towers Melissa W. Marion; Michael Milkin; Eric Rogers Mill; Christopher Edward Vitone 2004 Infrastructure folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Preservation and Restoration of Venetian Public Art: From the Completion of the Public Art Catalog to the Active Restoration Process Venice, Italy contains over 4,230 pieces of public art that must be maintained and restored to preserve the ancient culture. Past students have created a multimedia catalog containing each piece with Mark A. Elbag, Jr.; Adam Michael Epstein; James Francis Hannigan; Elizabeth Merry Rosinha 2003 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Island of Pellestrina: Case Study for the Environmental Atlas of the Venetian Lagoon Scott Lewis Battocchi; Caitlin Helena Bell; Jeffrey R. Blair; Natalie Janette Cole 2003 Environment folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Growth in the Garden of Venice: Sustainable Development in Sant'Erasmo Katrina Emelia Ann Hildebrand; David Joseph Norcott; Laurel M. Rudge; Alexis Quinn Steinhart; Thomas Anthony Zammataro 2003 Environment folder_open Islandslocal_offer
Sounds of Venice Douglas Jacob Leenhouts; Paul Francis Messier; Scott James Neithercut 2003 Environment folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Preserving the Canal Walls of Venice Using Power from a Modified Microbial Fuel Cell (MQP) Christopher Michael O'Malley 2003 Infrastructure folder_open Canal Wallslocal_offer
Convents, Palaces, and Churches: Transformation of Historic Buildings and the Impact on Venice's Neighborhoods The main focus of this project was to aid Venice in creating a balance between conservation and adaptation. Our project began by finalizing the 2002 WPI Palaces of Venice catalogue as well as the 1999 Sean F. Hoey; Marissa C. Kahan; Paul J. Marchetti; Kimberly A. Mazza 2003 Architecture folder_open Buildingslocal_offer
Archeological and Analytical Study of Venetian Church Floors The purpose of this project is to identify archeological opportunities for the Archeological Superintendence of Venice. Our sponsor Luigi Fozzati and the Archeology Superintendence supported our effor Hilary Lohnes Hayes; James Alexander Liu; Christian A. Salini 2003 Archaeology folder_open Church Floorslocal_offer
Ultrasound Boat-Monitoring System (MQP) Mark Daniel Johnson; Jonathan M. Lovisolo; Yasuhiro Okuno 2003 Technology folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Portali e Lunette: A Multimedia Catalog for the Preservation of Venice's Artistic Entrances Erica Lisa Bartos; Rebecca Lee Croteau Moore; DJ Lemmo, Jr.; Katrina L. Salamon 2002 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Dunes of Venice: A Prototype for the Environmental Atlas of the Lagoon (IQP Award) The Dunes of Venice: A Prototype for the Environmental Atlas of the Lagoon project examined three dune sites on the outer islands of the Venetian lagoon. We collected data on the vegetation and geomor Keith M. Bonneau; Sergio Francis Cherenzia; Caroline Stephanie Frelat; Jennifer M. Persico Rohleder 2002 Environment folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Moto Ondoso Index: Assessing the Effects of Boat Traffic in the Canals of Venice This project, sponsored by the Consorzio Trasportatori Riuniti Veneziani, and Pax in Aqua, located in Venice, Italy created an index for ranking the energy level of each canal segment in the Venetian David Chiu; Anand Devanahalli Jagannath; Emily Elizabeth Nodine 2002 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Establishment of a New Recycling System for the Historical Center of Venice This project, sponsored by the City of Venice – Environment Department, analyzed Venice’s waste management system in logistical and financial terms, and proposed a new recycling system for Venice. The Daniel Jose Lorente; Tyson Donald Moore; William Haochung Tang; Nikolas T. Waggener 2002 Environment,Population folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Integrated, Multi-Agency Approach to the Preservation of Venetian Palaces The palaces of Venice are historical monuments which are constantly being modified to keep them current with present-day standards so that they remain usable. When a modification to a palace is reques Aldebaran Kari Fletcher; Andrew George Halloran; Reem Mushtaq Malik; Kevin H. Rohleder 2002 Architecture folder_open Palaceslocal_offer
Church Floors in Venice, Italy: An Archeological Study and Analysis This project, completed at the Venice Project Center, was sponsored by the Archeology Superintendent Luigi Fozzati and focuses on the churches of Venice, specifically on church floors and the artifact Amanda Leigh Delaive; Elaine Hazel Kristant; Craig Peter Petrowski; Luiz G. Santos 2002 Archaeology folder_open Church Floorslocal_offer
Assessment of the Non-Resident Housing Market in Venice, Italy This project, sponsored by the Osservatorio Casa of Venice, Italy, assessed the non-resident housing market within the historic center of Venice. Data collection included web searches, solicitations o Jonathan Cooper Martin; Geoffrey Stephen San Antonio; Nathan Thomas Starbard; Marvin Herbert Wibisono 2001 Tourism folder_open Housinglocal_offer
Reutilization of the Minor Islands of the Venetian Lagoon The Reutilization of the Minor Islands of the Venetian Lagoon project, sponsored by the Environmental Department of the City of Venice, examined thirty-two small islands within the lagoon. Through the Nicole Kathryn Buzzell; Amanda Marie Connor; Seth Taylor Merkel 2001 Environment folder_open Islandslocal_offer
Cogeneration: A Feasibility Study for the Archimede Seguso Artistic Glass Factory of Murano, Italy This project, sponsored by Vetreria Archimede Seguso, a glass company located in Murano, Italy, assessed the feasibility of generating electricity from the waste heat of artistic glass furnaces. The p Kyle Douglas Bradshaw; Kreisna Dewantara Gozali; David E. Hyman; Steven Robert Picariello 2001 Economy folder_open Glass Factorylocal_offer
Re-engineering the City of Venice's Cargo System for the Consorzio Trasportatori Veneziani Riuniti This project, sponsored by the Consorzio Trasportatori Riuniti Veneziani, located in Venice, Italy assessed the current patterns of the cargo delivery system and demand for goods within the city of Ve Katherine Lynn Mirtle Bender; Jill Elizabeth Duffy; Justin Orlando Gagliardi; Amanda Lynn Tucker 2001 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Management and Maintenance of the Venetian Verde Pubblico The project aimed to aide the Environmental Department of the City of Venice with the management and maintenance of public trees through deriving and field testing a surveillance methodology. An inter Matthew John Bennett; Elizabeth Anne Premo; Jarod P. Tavares 2001 Environment folder_open Parkslocal_offer
Evaluation of Tourist Use of Venetian Transportation This project was conducted by students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and in conjunction with Vela, the marketing agency for ACTV, the provider of public transportation in Venice. The purpose of t Igal Nassima; Jillian Melissa O'Toole Urban; Kathleen Anne Pietrovito; Michael Paul Sweeney 2001 Tourism,Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Monitoring Pollution on Murano: An Analysis of the Artistic Glass Industry of Murano, Italy This project, sponsored by the Comune di Venezia, analyzes the problem of pollution associated with the artistic glass industry on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. We obtained information to cre Joshua Cranston Black; Brian Joseph Cavanna; Nicholas Jason Cottreau 2000 Analyzing,Art folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Assessment of the State of Tourism in Venice: A Quantitative Estimate and Characterization of Excursionist Tourists This project, conducted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute in conjunction with the Azienda di Promozione Turistica, aims to assess the state of tourism in Venice. It continued the research begun in 19 Russell William Caruso; Marc P. Cryan; Amy Elizabeth Holton; Francesco Quirino Pancheri; Marianne Schady 2000 Tourism folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Cellular Bell Towers In Venice, there are rising concerns related to the effects of cellular antennas on aesthetics and health. In collaboration with the Settore Sicurezza del Territorio, we evaluated bell tower structure Leonard Matthew Baker; Marina Grace Carboni; Luis Ernesto Flores; Lisa Lanzillotti 2000 Architecture folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Venice Public Relations (MQP) David Jenness Schwalb 2000 Institutions folder_open Public Relationslocal_offer
Preserving Venetian Wellheads This project serves to aid and promote the preservation of Venetian wellheads by creating resources in the form of a comprehensive public Venetian wellhead catalog. This catalog may be used in buildin Lewis Edward. Blackwell II; Meghan Ellene Fraizer Cryan; Adria Michelle Rizzo; Kevin Anthony Vello; Randall Lee Wainwright 2000 Infrastructure folder_open Wellheadslocal_offer
Forgotten Art of Venice: Promoting the Conservation and Awareness of External Sculpture This project completed a decade’s worth of work by WPI students on the external sculpture of Venice. To help preserve this art, this project updated and completed a computerized catalog of the 2929 pi Michael K. Bender; David Francis Finnegan; James Peter Koniers; Kevin Fun Lee; Samantha Carol O'Connor 2000 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Remote Boat Monitoring System (MQP) Adam Charles Blomberg; Rebecca A. Kupcinskas; Ana-Maria Elena Mandrila; Benjamin E. Newton; Thomas Michael Vacca 1999 Mobility folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Hydrodynamics of the Inner Canals of Venice The canals of Venice are in need of constant maintenance because of sediment accumulation on canal floors. This accumulation of sediment results in problems for the city. Canals become too shallow to Christine Liliana Biscotti; Andrea May Emery; Maxwell Pistilli; Joseph Adam Zsofka 1999 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Safeguarding the Churches of Venice, Italy: A Computerized Catalogue and Restoration Analysis The intent of this project was to contribute to the preservation of the churches of Venice. The goal was to develop a comprehensive catalogue of all the churches of Venice, based on the original catal Brian Christopher Donnelly; Brynn Gemma Hart Hanson; Matthew Justin Pilotte; Thomas Christopher Scherpa 1999 Architecture folder_open Churcheslocal_offer
Quantification of Sediment Sources in the City of Venice, Italy Alexander Peter Borrelli; Matthew John Crawford; James William Horstick II; Halil Iizzettin Ozbas 1999 Infrastructure folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Estimation of Excursionist Tourists in the City of Venice Eduardo Braghin; Carlos Roberto Calvo; Ark Gozubuyuk; Mark Bartholomew Hodos 1999 Tourism folder_open Data Managementlocal_offer
Venice Underground Nicholas Andrew Allgaier; John Michael Bottino, II; Michael Scott Kimbrel; Garrett T. Sutton 1999 Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Information Management at the Palazzo Ducale Jennifer Lynne Cooper Forsythe; Michael Bernard Mahan; Alex Fernando Narváez; Nathaniel P. Wieselquist 1999 Institutions,Art folder_open Museumslocal_offer
Venetian Transcription Software (MQP) Nathan Patrick Finch 1999 History folder_open Transcriptionlocal_offer
Inventory and Analysis of the Bridges and Pedestrian Traffic in the Dorsoduro, San Polo, and Santa Croce Sestieri of Venice Rahul Bhan; Ashley L. Deliso Bregman; Stephanie A. Hubbard; Gregory D. MacLeod 1998 Mobility folder_open Bridgeslocal_offer
Venice Project Center's Tenth Anniversary: The Documentation, Interpretation, and Presentation of its History This project, sponsored by WPI’s University Relations, illustrates how Venice and its participants are influenced by the Venice Project Center. The history of Venice and the VPC was documented, and re James M. Behmke; Tanya M. Corrado; Gabriel M. Flores 1998 Institutions folder_open VPClocal_offer
Planning and Implementation of Campaigns for the Quantification and Analysis of Venetian Lagoon Traffic This project provided the Province of Venice with information on traffic flow and its effects on the Lagoon surrounding the island of Venice. Data was gathered at various sites around the Lagoon and a Addi R. Butler; John J. Casill; Samuel O. Castillo; Turgut Sarioglu 1998 Mobility folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Multimedia Catalog and Visitor Information Management Plan for the Collections of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, Italy Kenneth C. Bonanno; Go Ishikawa; Glenn R. Thoren, Jr.; Lindsay E. Voss 1998 Tourism folder_open Museumslocal_offer
Monitoring and Analysis of the Cargo Delivery System in the Sestieri of San Polo, Santa Croce, and Dorsoduro in Venice, Italy Our project focused on the monitoring and analysis of the cargo delivery system in the sestieri of San Polo, Santa Croce, and Dorsoduro in Venice, Italy. We located and evaluated every dock in the thr Stefano Ceriana; Daniel R. Nashold; Joan K. Olender; Matthew R. Poisson 1998 Mobility,Mobility folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Analysis of Sewer Holes and Canal Wall Damage in Venice, Italy The origins of Venice can be traced back to the early 7th century when the inhabitants of the land surrounding the Venetian Lagoon migrated into the lagoon in an effort to escape from the barbaric hor Kristopher T. Babic; Michael M. Borek; Grant G. Leeds; Stylianos Sidiroglou 1998 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Computerized Catalog of Flagstaff Pedestals in Venice, Italy Kimberly M. James; Michael C. Malchiodi; Jonathan Michael Reynolds 1997 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Optimization of Cargo Boat Deliveries through the Inner Canals of Venice This study culminated in a proposal for the optimization of the cargo boat traffic in the City of Venice. There is currently a traffic congestion problem in the canals of Venice. The two major contrib Karolyn B. Amlaw Laher; Carie Lin Kervin Kervin; Ignacio Mondine; Charu P. Vepari 1997 Mobility folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Development of a Prototype for an Automated Ambulance Dispatch System in Venice, Italy Stefan James Caporale; Maximo J. Cergneux; William Freed, Jr.; Anna Lisa Matzal Tillinghast 1997 Applications folder_open Transportationlocal_offer
Preliminary Feasibility Study of the Implementation of a HIFLO Vacuum Sewerage System within the City of Venice Martin Felices; Lauren M. Goodfellow; Jay L. Johnston; Sonali Maheshwary 1997 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Development of a Computerized Decision Support System for the Scheduled Maintenance of the Inner Canals of Venice This project provided the Comune di Venezia with a preliminary decision support system (DSS) for planning canal maintenance. The project first regularized previously collected data and established fie Carlo M. Cioffi; Vicky L. Dulac O'Sullivan; José F. Marsano; Robert R. Reguero 1997 Applications folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Creation of A CD-ROM on the Northern Lagoon of Venice for the Information and Education of Tourists and Residents Reneé Kim Charpentier; Matthew Brent Greenfield; Jennifer Ann Lowell Kijak 1996 Tourism folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Reutilization of the Cardazzo Complex in Cannaregio, Venice This project, completed at the Venice Project Center, and sponsored by the Istituto Veneto per il Lavoro (IVL), explores alternatives for the reutilization of the Cardazzo Complex, a group of building Noel J. Bolduc; Camilla M. Canepa; David G. Goncalves; Ricardo Perea 1996 Architecture folder_open Buildingslocal_offer
Sustainable Venice: A Local Implementation of Agenda 21 in Venice, Italy The Forum for the Lagoon of Venice is sponsoring this project to establish a basis for implementing a Local Agenda 21 Sustainability Program for Venice, Italy. The main accomplishments were the creati Richard F. Crispo; Jamie Richard Murdock; Alexandru Catalin Nemetz 1996 Environment folder_open Sustainabilitylocal_offer
Documentation and Analysis of Canal Boat Parking Within Santa Maria Formosa Insula and Santa Maria dei Frari Insula This project contains an emphasis on the improvement and organization of parking spaces within and around the insula of Santa Maria Formosa and the insula of Santa Maria dei Frari in times of scarcity Victor R. Bravo; Jose Lopez; Zung Q. Nguyen 1996 Mobility folder_open Parkinglocal_offer
Computerized Catalog of Venetian Decorative Keystones Minn Ayetut; Frank Chi-Yuan Chou; Takehiro Kawano 1995 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Computerized Catalog of Outdoor Art in Dorsoduro, Venice (IQP Award) Jesus M. Beltran; Erin E. Brophy; Alex Cardenas 1995 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Study of Water Quality in the S.M. Formosa Insula: Introducing a Citizen Monitoring Program in Venice, Italy Jennifer M. Johnson; Theodore Kabissios; Jose J. Vargas 1995 Environment folder_open Pollutionlocal_offer
Documentation and Analysis of the Traffic, Cargo Deliveries, and Docks Within the Insulae of Santa Maria Formosa and Frari Kevin M. Doherty; Joseph M. Maraia; Carlos Parodi; Flavia Souto Pastore 1995 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Computerized Catalog of Venetian Bells and Bell Towers Dianna M. Carlson; Rebecca A. Prince Byrne; Susan M. Roosa 1995 Architecture folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Venice Project Center Samantha Lynn Davis; Marco Alberto Fedeli; Zachary Thomas Oser 1995 Institutions folder_open VPClocal_offer
Computerized Catalog of the Wellheads of Venice in the Sestiere of Dorsoduro Alexander Boriakoff; Ian Buckley; Kristen D. Magnifico Becker 1995 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Method for the Evaluation of Venetian Bells and Bell Towers Enith C. Morillo; Saskia Rosas 1994 Architecture folder_open Bell Towerslocal_offer
Documentation and Analysis of Public and Overnight Boat Parking on the Canals Within the Insula di Santa Maria Zobenigo Mark G. Calvanese; Pranas Lukauskis 1994 Mobility folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Documentation and Analysis of the Docks, Cargo Deliveries, and Boat Traffic Within the Santa Maria Zobenigo Insula Diego Felices; Carlos Moreno; Alexander Munoz; Brian J. Smith 1994 Infrastructure,Mobility folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Le Sponde dei Canali di Castello, Venezia Amy Cahill; Gregory Masterson; Carlos A. Zapata 1994 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Solar Powered Canal Markers in Venice Krogen Carreno; Gaetano J. Fichera; Robert Van Kirk 1994 Environment folder_open Energylocal_offer
Outdoor Art Inventory of the Sestiere di Castello Elizabeth R. Fonseca; Brent R. Johnson; Samuel C. Russell Jr. 1994 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Buildings and Information of the Canals of Venice Ann Cournoyer Kingsland; Anthony Marino; Domenico Paduano 1994 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Data Synthesis of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Venice Canals Project Kerry J. Cooke Keleshian; John F. Ebersole, Jr.; Heide Angela Marrino Stokes; Lisa Rosiello 1993 Infrastructure folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Churches of Venice II: A System for Artistic Restoration Analysis Brian C. Aldrich; Kevin Shea; David W. Youkstetter 1993 Art folder_open Churcheslocal_offer
Computer Applications in Lagoon Archeology John C. Berry; Gerald D. Ducharme; Charles R. Merry; Brian R. Rapids 1993 Archaeology folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
UNESCO Venice Lagoon Ecosystem Project Larry R. Breen; Salvatore Gencarelli; James Leo Kilgallon 1993 Environment folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Forum Per La Laguna di Venezia Nicolle E. Burnham; Heather L. Emerson; Kevin M. Furbish 1993 Environment folder_open Lagoonlocal_offer
Outdoor Art Inventory of the San Marco Sestiere Maria C. Dilanco Garcia; John V. Handal; Edward M. Mason, II 1993 Art folder_open Public Artlocal_offer
Creation of A Database Management Program for Cataloging Computer Images Used in the Non-Destructive Analysis of Works of Art Joel C. Belog; Lourenço W. K. Dantas; Paul E. Hammerstrom 1993 Art folder_open Conservationlocal_offer
Comprehensive Review of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Venice Canal Studies Jocelyn A. Bessey Mitchell; Enrico R. Cafaro; Victoria Klun; James B. McElroy, Jr.; Jennifer Shaw Pedro 1993 Infrastructure folder_open Structureslocal_offer
Geographical Information System for the Canals of Venice John A. Cutonilli; John A. Roy; John B. Thornton 1992 Cartography folder_open Canalslocal_offer
Geographical Information System for Venice, Italy Brian A. Baker; Russell H. Beavis; Beth A. Newton Tubbs 1992 Cartography folder_open Venicelocal_offer
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